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Imag­ine petals open­ing, awo­ken by the whis­per of spring, stretch­ing out their flo­ral arms to re­veal the in­ner­most trea­sure of the flower: the pro­cre­ative core. It is as erotic as it is nat­u­ral. So sym­bolic of the fe­male form, the strength of its al­lure is such that the vulva has crept into the cos­metic ver­nac­u­lar as unique treat­ments prom­ise to keep you for­ever in bloom. When Gwyneth Pal­trow re­vealed she did reg­u­lar vagi­nal steam­ing, it seemed like a strange A-list nov­elty. But yoni steam­ing—“yoni” is the Sanksrit word mean­ing “womb”—is an an­cient prac­tice that pur­port­edly re­duces stress, men­strual un­ease, and in­fec­tions. In South Korea, it’s re­ferred to as chai-yok; in Maya medicine, as bajo; and in Ja­vanese prac­tice, as rang­gang. A po­tent mix of nat­u­ral herbs, pri­mar­ily mug­wort and worm­wood, pro­vides its medic­i­nal qual­i­ties. In mod­ern herbal­ism, mug­wort is favoured for its an­ti­sep­tic na­ture while worm­wood has his­tor­i­cally been used to treat blad­der in­fec­tions, con­sti­pa­tion, and eczema. Vari­a­tions of this treat­ment are also avail­able at the Spa Vil­lage in The Ritz-Carl­ton, Kuala Lumpur ( www.spavil­ It can pro­mote uter­ine con­trac­tions, how­ever, so preg­nant women, stay clear. Dr. Rosita Arvigo, a napra­p­athic physi­cian and lec­turer on Maya medicine, ex­plains that the tis­sues of the vagina are ex­cep­tion­ally por­ous. Aided by the warmth of steam, it will read­ily im­bibe nu­tri­ents into the skin, and even­tu­ally, the blood­stream.

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