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When I started [eat­ing raw], I no­ticed my en­ergy changed, my skin cleared up, my hair started grow­ing fast and shiny. I felt I had to share it with the world. Walk us through a reg­u­lar day. I wake up at 6am and med­i­tate for half an hour. If I have time, I’ll go to yoga, then come home and drink my smoothie; usu­ally it’s a lot of greens, an ap­ple, and lots of su­per­foods like hemp seeds and spir­ulina. I don’t drink wa­ter dur­ing meals be­cause it messes with your di­ges­tion. For lunch, I have some­thing like salad, steamed fish, or raw blended soups. For din­ner, I usu­ally have a light meal, and very early. What do you usu­ally crave? Smooth­ies—all the time. My favourite is frozen ba­nanas, kale, spinach, ap­ple, and freshly squeezed lemon and juice. You blend it up and it’s de­li­cious. What’s next? I re­ally want to cre­ate my own skin­care line, so I’m pre­par­ing for that now—meet­ing peo­ple, and try­ing to fig­ure stuff out.

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