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8AM I am usu­ally one to sleep in, but lately, I’ve been get­ting up pretty early. I do not hop right out of bed, though. I’m just not one of those peo­ple; I’m def­i­nitely a lie-around type. I’ll de­bate for a good few min­utes whether I want to get up or try to sleep for an­other 10 min­utes. If I’m be­ing a lit­tle more of a diva, I’ll lie around for a full two hours. It de­pends on how I feel. You have all your no­ti­fi­ca­tions on your phone when you wake up—texts, that kind of stuff—so I’ll look at that, or check my cal­en­dar to see what the heck I’m do­ing that day be­cause, to be hon­est, I usu­ally don’t know what I’m do­ing. 8.45AM I just bought my first house, in Los An­ge­les, and I have a lot of peo­ple who live there. They’re all fam­ily: one of my sis­ters, my niece, and my cousins, who are both older than me. I love hav­ing peo­ple around me; I don’t like be­ing in a big house by my­self. When you have your own place, you re­ally get to con­trol the en­ergy and what comes in and out of it to pro­tect your own space. It’s re­ally nice be­cause I don’t let any neg­a­tive vibes in my front door. If you’re hav­ing a bad day or if you have an at­ti­tude, don’t come to my house. I ac­tu­ally wake up and I’m happy, the sun is shin­ing, and I’ll knock on my niece’s door and be like, “Good morn­ing, I love you.” It’s great. 9AM I am 100 per­cent a shower per­son. I don’t un­der­stand how peo­ple can take baths all the time. First of all, it feels like soup, and sec­ond, it’s just not con­ve­nient. You have to take a shower af­ter you take a bath any­way! Af­ter a shower, I wash my face with a cleanser and fol­low up with toner, mois­turiser, and lip balm. If you have a good lip balm, you can use it as a high­lighter for your cheeks as well. It’s a dou­ble whammy. An­other im­por­tant thing is good mas­cara. I use CoverGirl Su­per Sizer Fibers Mas­cara. There’s some­thing about hav­ing nice eye­lashes that makes you feel good. 10AM At some point, my as­sis­tant will try to force me to eat some­thing. I’ve never been a break­fast per­son. I love break­fast food, just not at break­fast time. I’ll eat break­fast food, but it must have some Nutella on it: pan­cakes, berries, and Nutella. If I don’t have a lot of time, I’ll just eat and fo­cus on get­ting dressed. In many ways, I have dif­fer­ent facets of my life and life­style and what I do, and I think that

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