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Move over Bikram, it’s time to chill out. This year, Ac­tive North launched an “Arc­tic ice yoga” pro­gramme at Au­rora Sa­fari Camp in Swedish La­p­land, which in­cludes yoga and med­i­ta­tion classes that take place out­side ... on a frozen lake. Why would you want to? They say it helps guests bond with na­ture and find in­ner peace in the icy si­lence. Plus, go­ing from hot to cold can in­crease blood cir­cu­la­tion, which helps nour­ish the skin and re­lieve mus­cle ten­sion. The three-night pro­gramme also in­cludes ice swim­ming, silent lunches, and warm-up ses­sions in a wood-fired sauna (you’ll need it). It’s not the only re­treat mak­ing guests shiver. A num­ber of ski chalets, such as Chalet Rosière in France and Track­ers Falls Creek in Aus­tralia, now run “snoga” re­treats, com­bin­ing ski­ing and yoga for be­gin­ners or sea­soned snow bun­nies. Or visit the St. Moritz ski re­sort in Switzer­land, which claims to be the first alpine piste to of­fer yoga pit stops: there are four des­ig­nated yoga zones on the moun­tain, where skiers can pause and down­ward dog mid-run. Does Lu­l­ule­mon sell woolly mit­tens?­ro­rasa­fari­; www.chalet­;­; www.track­;

Husky sled­ding as part of the ex­clu­sive ex­pe­ri­ence at Au­rora Sa­fari Camp

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