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Our tech de­vices are (sup­pos­edly) mak­ing our lives eas­ier, but man, they’re mess­ing with our mela­tonin. The blue light they (and LED light­ing) emit sup­presses the se­cre­tion of mela­tonin, a hor­mone that in­flu­ences your cir­ca­dian rhythm; hav­ing lower mela­tonin lev­els has been linked to can­cer. Blue light—es­pe­cially at night—sup­presses mela­tonin twice as long as other types of light. Ever ex­pe­ri­enced eye­strain, headaches, or fa­tigue from sit­ting in front of a com­puter for hours or e-mail­ing on your phone? One so­lu­tion is to switch en­ergy-sav­ing light­ing to am­ber light bulbs. Or if that feels too Hal­loween, try in­stalling a blue light fil­ter on your de­vice. Even bet­ter, avoid bright screens three hours be­fore bed. You could find you’ll sleep bet­ter.

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