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my hor­mones come into play, it’s a lit­tle more chal­leng­ing to stay level-headed. But I do try my best. So, my an­swer to her was no, I don’t get jeal­ous. Af­ter look­ing up the mean­ing of the word ‘jeal­ousy’ on­line, I’ve re­alised more than ever that I truly want the best for every­one around me. I’ve learnt to curb the feel­ings of in­se­cu­rity and fear of los­ing some­one, or some­thing, of great per­sonal value. When it comes to my re­la­tion­ships with peo­ple, I take on the ‘if it’s meant to be, it will be’ at­ti­tude. If, for ex­am­ple, my best friend found a new good friend, I wouldn’t be jeal­ous at all. I’d be happy for her as she’s found an­other in­valu­able friend who makes her happy. Who am I to take away that hap­pi­ness? Ca­reer-wise, watch­ing a friend climb the cor­po­rate lad­der suc­cess­fully or start a new busi­ness just makes me feel so proud. No, I won’t be en­vi­ous and com­pare my life with hers, be­cause I now know that what’s meant for her life may not be meant for mine. Like­wise, read­ing this month’s Fo­cus story made me think about how so many of us grow up dream­ing of white picket fences and the per­fect mar­riage, only to soon find out that it isn’t what we imag­ined at all. But... it’s okay. The best mar­riage, I be­lieve, is one built on com­fort and re­spect. It’s not only about ac­cept­ing your part­ner for who he or she is, but also ap­pre­ci­at­ing the dif­fer­ences. For me, it was build­ing a home where we, as a fam­ily, felt com­fort­able and loved. It may not seem per­fect to oth­ers look­ing in, but I’m thank­ful that we feel our home is just the way it’s meant to be.

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