There's more to table­top games than Mo­nop­oly and Uno. From sushi to happy ghosts to cha cha-ing chickens, these will give you hours of fun with your kids.

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FOODIE Sushi Go Party

Don't say we didn't warn you: this adorable card game is likely to make you feel hun­gry. Earn points by pick­ing the sushi com­bos that con­vert to the most points at the end of ev­ery round – but be care­ful; as cute as they look, cer­tain sushi types will make you lose points. RM199 at • Ages 8 and above; 2 to 8 play­ers

AD­VEN­TUR­OUS US Gob­blet Gob­blers s

Just like tic-tac-toe but more ex­cit­ing, you can 'gob­ble' up other pieces and move yours around the board.oard. RM119 at boardgame­ • Ages 5 and above; 2 play­ers

COM­PET­I­TIVE Chicken Cha Cha Cha

Guess which tile in the cir­cuit matches the one in front of your chicken, and move for­ward if you're cor­rect. You can steal an­other chicken's feather if you pass it! RM229 at • Ages 4 and above; 2 to 4 play­ers


Put some yummy whipped cream or a wet sponge on the ‘hand' and cross your fin­gers that you're not the one to get splat in the face – and be the first to 25 points to win. A sure hit with younger kids who love to get messy! RM119 at toys­ • Ages 5 and above; 2 or more play­ers

WHIM­SI­CAL Geis­tes­blitz

The fastest and most ac­cu­rate tri­umphs, so get ready to pick the right item out of the five on the ta­ble as soon as the card is re­vealed. If you do, you get to keep the card and re­veal the next card, but if you don't, you lose one card – be pre­pared for lots of ex­cit­ing shenani­gans. RM69 at boardgame­ • Ages 8 and above; 2 to 8 play­ers

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