Make ev­ery shower a re­fresh­ing ex­pe­ri­ence with Joven's mod­ern water heaters.

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Wi th our weather be­ing as hu­mid as it is, we're used to feel­ing sweaty both in­doors and out­doors – there's just no es­cap­ing the heat. The easy so­lu­tion would be to have the air con on full blast, but it's a drain on en­ergy and drives up the elec­tric­ity bill. Hence, you may de­cide to take a quick shower in­stead to freshen up.


On av­er­age, Malaysians shower around two to three times a day. Typ­i­cally, the first is a steamy one in the morn­ing to prep you for the day, the sec­ond cools you down, and the third gets you clean and comfy be­fore bed. What this means is a lot of en­ergy is be­ing used just to get us clean and re­freshed. As the tem­per­a­ture will only keep ris­ing, the chal­lenge is to be com­fort­able while also tak­ing care of the en­vi­ron­ment, so that fu­ture gen­er­a­tions will still get to en­joy leafy greens and non-pol­luted air. Bear­ing this in mind, new in­no­va­tions are de­signed to use re­sources more ef­fi­ciently with­out sig­nif­i­cantly re­duc­ing our qual­ity of life. You can now min­imise your en­ergy use by se­lect­ing the clean­est and green­est ap­pli­ances avail­able.


The Jovenn Si­len­tPlus i90P is an in­stant water heater withth en­ergy-sav­ing fea­tures – and the first in Malaysia to have an in­verter booster pump, an es­sen­tial com­po­nent be­cause it re­duces elec­tric­ity con­sump­tion by up to 50 per cent – as com­pared to the con­ven­tional AC booster pump. The in­verter pro­vides bet­ter elec­tric­ity sup­ply man­age­ment to the booster pump, which leads to less elec­tric­ity wastage. Kill two birds with one stone by hav­ing a greener life­style that ben­e­fits the en­vi­ron­men­ton­ment and re­duc­ing your elec­tric­ity bills.


That's not all: this model by Joven has nois­ere­duc­tion tech­nol­ogy. If you' re show­er­ing in the wee hours of the morn­ing or late at night, you don't havee to worry about wak­ing your loved ones up – it is be­low 45 deci­bels (dB). That's not to say the qual­ity of your show­ers will be com­pro­mised, be­cause the built-in in­verter booster pump of­fers you four times the power to en­sure a high-pres­sured water flow. The water heater comes with an 8-inch ad­justable rain shower set that in­cludes a nor­mal shower head, di­verter valve for ex­tra in-shower com­fort, and five dif­fer­ent spray options. What you'll be get­ting is a prod­uct that's en­vi­ron­men­tally en tally friendly, eco savvy, time-sav­ing, and kind on your pock­ets. It's safe, too, as all of Joven's newew mod­els have dou­ble safety mea­sures in place. It'll mon­i­tor any elec­tri­cal over­ride and trigger thee built-in elec­tronic earth leak­age sen­sor (EELS) to en­sure your safety.


If you hap­pen to love bathing in a tub or Jacuzzi, or us­ing a rain shower, Joven's Stor­age Water Heater Sys­tem en­sures you'll have a won­der­ful and re­lax­ing time to your­self. Its Heat El­e­va­tor Tech­nol­ogy uses a mag­netic de­vice that can ac­cel­er­ate the con­vec­tive heat trans­fer of flu­ids, ensuring a con­tin­u­ous flow of hot water, which saves you time. It can also save up to 20 per cent of en­ergy, while the long-last­ing stain­less steel and leak-proof heater tank keeps water rust-free. You'll get a five-year war­ranty for the in­verter pump for its up­keep, but with nor­mal us­age, it'll last you for a good many years af­ter.

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