No mat­ter our age, life is best lived with­out re­grets and with the com­pany of our loved ones. In­con­ti­nence doesn’t have to rob you and your fam­ily of this joy.

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Man­age in­con­ti­nence to main­tain a good qual­ity of life.

When life throws lemons at us, we try our best to catch them and make some le­mon­ade or an amaz­ing lemon meringue pie, to add some sweet­ness to our lives. As we grow older, it’s in­evitable that we will en­counter many chal­lenges. What mat­ters is how we make the best of what we have and live life to the fullest. You may still be in rel­a­tively good health, but per­haps you’ve seen your par­ents or grand­par­ents bat­tling health is­sues – be it high blood pres­sure, cancer, Alzheimer’s, or in­con­ti­nence. The lat­ter is some­thing most pre­fer not to think about, and find them­selves un­equipped to deal with.

What is in­con­ti­nence?

In­con­ti­nence is best de­scribed as any ac­ci­den­tal or in­vol­un­tary loss of urine from the blad­der (uri­nary in­con­ti­nence), or the ac­ci­den­tal or in­vol­un­tar­ily loss of bowel mo­tion, fae­ces or wind from the bowel (fae­cal or bowel in­con­ti­nence). You shouldn’t feel ashamed, or be made to feel em­bar­rassed, for hav­ing a health prob­lem – and that goes for in­con­ti­nence, too. It is more likely to hap­pen to women, es­pe­cially af­ter preg­nancy, and ranges in sever­ity from ‘just a small leak’ to the com­plete loss of con­trol over blad­der and bowel move­ments. How­ever, the good news is that in­con­ti­nence can be treated and man­aged. In some cases, it can also be cured.

The ‘leaky’ is­sue

Be­sides preg­nancy, menopause, chronic asthma, diabetes, and arthri­tis are also com­mon causes or uri­nary in­con­ti­nence. Symp­toms in­clude an oc­ca­sional leak when

you laugh, cough or ex­er­cise. It’s also pos­si­ble to lose the abil­ity to con­trol your blad­der com­pletely. Other symp­toms you may ex­pe­ri­ence are the need to ur­gently or fre­quently visit the loo.

The bowel is­sue

If you have poor bowel con­trol, you prob­a­bly have some dif­fi­culty in con­trol­ling when you need to do the ‘num­ber two’. Also, when you let out gas, you may be stunned to dis­cover that you’ve stained your un­der­wear in the process. Ex­pe­ri­enc­ing this on a fre­quent ba­sis is a sign of fae­cal in­con­ti­nence.

Pos­si­ble causes of poor bowel con­trol are weak ‘back-pas­sage’ mus­cles due to child­birth, age­ing, surgery or ra­di­a­tion ther­apy. It can also hap­pen to those ex­pe­ri­enc­ing con­sti­pa­tion or se­vere di­ar­rhoea.

How to man­age in­con­ti­nence

Just like any other health is­sues, in­con­ti­nence takes con­sis­tent ef­fort to man­age and pos­si­bly over­come. It’ll be worth it, though, as you and your loved ones will be able to en­joy one an­other’s com­pany, as well as ev­ery­day ac­tiv­i­ties. It takes some plan­ning – not to men­tion a lit­tle bit of trial and er­ror – but with an ideal rou­tine in place, you can truly savour ev­ery mo­ment with­out worry.

Un­der­stand­ably, if you have just been di­ag­nosed with in­con­ti­nence, you may feel un­easy and a lit­tle over­whelmed about how to man­age your day-to-day ac­tiv­i­ties. The first thing to do is to take a deep breath, and have a heart-to-heart talk with your doc­tor to dis­cover what op­tions are avail­able that suit your needs, and then draw up a per­son­alised plan. Take this op­por­tu­nity to also ask about sup­port groups that you can join – you don’t have to un­dergo this new chap­ter in your life alone.

Get equipped

Be­sides com­ing up with a full­proof plan, you can man­age the is­sue by get­ting the right prod­ucts for your life­style. For ex­am­ple, Cer­tainty’s adult di­a­pers, or adult pants as they’re also known, can get you through your daily rou­tines with­out any wor­ries. Cer­tainty DayPants are spe­cially de­signed to sup­port a soft yet snug fit, giv­ing you last­ing com­fort through­out the day. They’re breath­able, pro­vide dry com­fort, and al­low air to cir­cu­late. The dou­ble­layer ab­sorbent pads come with ‘leak guard pro­tec­tion’, so you cher­ish ev­ery mo­ment with your loved ones and fo­cus on mak­ing sweet mem­o­ries.

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