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Work­ing with kids is an eye-open­ing ex­pe­ri­ence be­cause not only do you gain in­sight into what they are think­ing, but you also get to un­der­stand their wants and needs. We knew that kids had their own opin­ions and thoughts. Many are vo­cal (if given the chance) and want to take ac­tion on is­sues they feel strongly about. So, it was im­por­tant for us to give these kids a plat­form to share their voice (pg 69).

Tak­ing things fur­ther, this year’s kid ed­i­tors at­tended events with me to ex­pe­ri­ence the life of an ed­i­tor. They met Dato Sheila Ma­jid, had fun at a cook­ing work­shop with Jas­mine, and spent a fab­u­lous af­ter­noon at KL Fash­ion Week. Ser­ena, Zahra, Alia, Skyler, Louise, and Joelle each have a very strong, con­fi­dent and am­bi­tious mind­set. These traits took some time to ap­pear, but I saw how they blos­somed once we’d warmed up to one an­other. From them, I learnt that kids want you to lis­ten and take what they say se­ri­ously. I re­alised how eas­ily I tune out when my daugh­ter, Malaika, shares about her day at school. Don’t get me wrong, I do lis­ten, but some days, I’m too tired and switch off or lose fo­cus. I now make a con­scious ef­fort to lis­ten to her sto­ries and ask ques­tions, and it’s brought us even closer. Be­ing a mum has also taught me that all mums worry about giv­ing our chil­dren the best. But, we eas­ily for­get that some­times what is best for our kids de­pends on what they re­ally need in their lives, and not what we think they need. Give your kids a chance to tell you what these are. You just need to lis­ten, and give your­self time to think about it be­fore re­act­ing.

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