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Do I al­ways as­sume that ev­ery­thing is my fault?

There is a pos­si­bil­ity that some­one else had some re­spon­si­bil­ity for the mis­take, not only you.

Is it wrong for me to have some ‘me time’?

Ev­ery­body – mums and dads – needs time for them­selves, so there is noth­ing wrong in en­joy­ing some fun.

Do I share enough baby­care du­ties with my spouse?

The more you han­dle ev­ery task your­self, the more likely you are to feel guilty when things go wrong.

Do I worry too much about my par­ent­ing mis­takes?

While it is im­por­tant to learn from mis­takes, be pre­pared to leave the guilt be­hind and move on.

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