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Iam ac­tu­ally ner­vous about hav­ing to write an ed­i­tor’s note. But, I see that it is im­por­tant for adults to have a peek into what we see, as chil­dren. I would like to talk about the things that par­ents don’t re­ally un­der­stand about their chil­dren.


I hate hav­ing to cut my hair short be­cause it looks ugly. I def­i­nitely think I look bet­ter with long hair. But, my dad likes my hair short, so he’ll of­ten ask me to have a hair­cut. Usu­ally, I’d agree to this, but when the time comes, I would say “no”. This up­sets my dad. My mum asked, “How can par­ents and chil­dren come to an agree­ment about the child’s hair?” Well, I agree that we should be well-groomed, but please don’t cut my hair too short, dad.


Our friend­ships are com­pli­cated, even though we are kids. My BFF and I do have ar­gu­ments, but these don’t last very long. Also, my two BFFs don’t like each other some­times. I feel stuck. I don’t know how to ex­plain this to my par­ents.


Then, there’s bul­ly­ing. It’s hard. When a girl bul­lies an­other girl, she makes the other girl feel bad. It’s con­fus­ing. It’s like she is a good friend but not. A bully wants to have her way all the time and makes the oth­ers fol­low. My mum told me to stand up to the bully. I tried, but she hurt me. It was aw­ful and I cried. Why does she have to pre­tend to be nice and then be so nasty? If you are a bully, stop bul­ly­ing. Ev­ery­one has a right to choose, not just you.

The bully that I know doesn’t talk to her par­ents much. I don’t think they know that she is a bully. It would be great if par­ents can make time to talk to their chil­dren and spend time to­gether.

J oelle Ju - Vien Sin , 9

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