Beth wants you to take to heart these lessons from her story:

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Get your­self in­sured “If I hadn’t been in­sured early on, be­fore all these health com­pli­ca­tions, I would have no in­sur­ance now as no com­pany would take me on af­ter. A lot of peo­ple say ‘what’s the big deal? I’ll do it later on’, but later on might be too late. I don’t drink very much or smoke, and have a fairly clean life­style. And still, I went through all this!”


Be vig­i­lant “I go for med­i­cal check-ups ev­ery year and noth­ing was picked up. Can­cer mark­ers are only for spe­cific types of can­cer. I also told my urol­o­gist that some­times, we are so fix­ated with the prob­lem, we don’t think about the root cause. He never once thought to ask why my cal­cium lev­els were so high, which could have pre­vented this en­tire ordeal.”


Make lit­tle changes “When I had de­pres­sion, I didn’t make any huge life changes such as quit­ting my job and trav­el­ling the world. Work has al­ways been my crutch. In­stead, I’d take lunches out­side of the of­fice or go for walks to get some sun each time I felt a de­pres­sive episode about to hit – that’s the quick­est way to get a dose of en­dor­phins.”

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