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The washer has a musty odour.

When your washer be­comes smelly and leaves your clothes smelling not-so-fresh, it’s likely there is a build-up of bac­te­ria. To pre­vent this, re­move fin­ished loads from the washer im­me­di­ately. For top load­ers, leave the lid open to let it dry out. For front load­ers, towel-dry the washer drum and rub­ber gas­ket, and keep the door ajar to foster air cir­cu­la­tion. If the smell per­sists, run a cup of white vine­gar in a warm cy­cle to dis­in­fect the ma­chine.

The dryer takes too long to dry.

the ma­chine’s ef­fi­ciency and can be a fire haz­ard. Ev­ery three to six months, dis­con­nect the ex­haust pipe from the back of the dryer and clean it out thor­oughly.

Wa­ter pools around the washer.

The rub­ber hoses that sup­ply wa­ter to your washer can be­come stiff and brit­tle over time, and may have small cracks where wa­ter can be­gin to leak. Pre­vent burst wash­ing ma­chine hoses — that could spill hun­dreds of litres of wa­ter an hour and flood your home — by re­plac­ing old, dam­aged hoses with those with mesh-wrapped ends or stain­less steel-clad ones. Tighten loose fit­tings, and make sure your washer is at least 10cm from the wall to pre­vent kinks in the hoses.

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