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Luan Ee of Kerb­side Gourmet aims to raise the qual­ity of street food with a menu that in­cludes burg­ers, pas­tas and stews – in a 95.8sqf rec­tan­gu­lar gal­ley kitchen. To use the space ef­fi­ciently, she or­gan­ises the kitchen into two main ar­eas, ac­cord­ing to their work pro­cesses. The hot cook­ing area, which in­cludes the grill top, deep fryer, in­duc­tion stove and bak­ing oven, is on one side of the truck, and the bot­tom chiller is on the op­po­site side. “We grill the pat­ties and fry the pota­toes first, and then as­sem­ble the burger on the coun­ter­top above the chiller, where we keep our slaw and rel­ishes,” she ex­plains.

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