Which will it be? Both have their own mer­its so it all boils down to what suits you!

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1 Cost

One of the ma­jor fac­tors when con­sid­er­ing ei­ther a built in or free­stand­ing shelf is the cost of the over­all setup. Built in shelves are usu­ally cus­tom made by a hired car­pen­ter to fit a unique mea­sure­ment, and that be­spoke na­ture de­mands a high price. Free­stand­ing shelves, on the other hand, come pre-made and are avail­able in a wide price range de­pend­ing on ma­te­rial and con­struc­tion qual­ity.

Best choice: Free stand­ing

2 Space

What is a shelv­ing unit with­out the ad­e­quate space to cater to your stor­age needs? When de­cid­ing on which sys­tems to choose, take into ac­count the shape and over­all area of your bed­room. This is im­por­tant, as a cramped or awk­wardly shaped room might war­rant a cus­tom built in so­lu­tion that can max­imise the avail­able space to pro­vide more stor­age. Free stand­ing shelves, on the other hand, are great for more sub­stan­tial bed­rooms, and can also act as di­viders to cre­ate a makeshift read­ing nook.

Best Choice: Built-in

3 Flex­i­bil­ity

When it comes to long term flex­i­bil­ity, free­stand­ing shelv­ing units are the ob­vi­ous choice as they are not tied down like their built in coun­ter­parts. If you have an ever grow­ing house­hold with in­creas­ingly de­mand­ing stor­age needs, you can swap out or add com­part­ments to ex­ist­ing free­stand­ing shelves. It also works if you are look­ing to com­pletely re­vamp your home with a new in­te­rior aes­thetic. With built in shelv­ing, you have to com­mit and be sure that you can live with the per­ma­nent so­lu­tion for the du­ra­tion of your home own­er­ship.

Best choice: Free stand­ing

4 Fea­tures

More than just a stor­age so­lu­tion, shelv­ing units can also be mul­ti­func­tional. Both built in and free­stand­ing shelv­ing so­lu­tions can have fea­tures built into them, or be func­tional el­e­ments by them­selves. With built in shelv­ing, you can add light­ing that can con­trib­ute to the over­all am­biance of a bed­room. De­pend­ing on how it is built, for ex­am­ple around a win­dow, it can also act as ad­di­tional win­dow seat­ing. Free­stand­ing shelves, on the other hand, in mod­u­lar form can di­vide up an open space or pull dou­ble duty as a com­puter ta­ble.

Best choice: Both

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