Get a lit­tle cre­ative when it comes to stor­age and live an or­gan­ised life free of clut­ter and headaches!

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Whether your space is size­able or cramped, the is­sue of suf­fi­cient stor­age space will al­ways crop up as years of ac­cu­mu­lated con­sumerism takes its toll. To al­le­vi­ate that, you might cre­ate more stor­age spa­ces, but what if there is no more avail­able space? Here are some clever stor­age so­lu­tions you can try out.

1 Go un­der

Be­low float­ing basins or un­der­neath tall beds; these are the places in your home that are ready to be put to use as stor­age spa­ces. Add banks of draw­ers or float­ing com­part­ments in spa­ces un­der­neath these pieces of fur­ni­ture with am­ple ground clear­ance. They stow nicely out of sight, and this helps in rid­ding your space of vis­ual clut­ter. Se­cret un­der-floor stor­age can also be built to store valu­able items if the base foun­da­tion al­lows for it.

2 Com­part­men­talise

An open and size­able drawer or wardrobe can be a boon, but they can quickly be­come clut­tered over­time. To pre­vent that, use special drawer or­gan­is­ers with sep­a­rate com­part­ments. For a more DIY ap­proach, grab some boxes with a sturdy trim and clip them to­gether to cre­ate your own di­vided stor­age com­part­ments. Be sure to use boxes or or­gan­is­ers of the right size to max­imise the use of your drawer space.

3 Hang out

If over­all sur­face space is limited, why not go ver­ti­cal and hang up var­i­ous items on a rack? Things like bags, car­ryalls, ac­ces­sories, and clothes can eas­ily be hung from a closet rack or the back of a door with hooks; this means they do not eat into pre­cious floor or closet space. It also puts them at eye level so it is eas­ier when you are try­ing to put to­gether a look for the day. Mag­netic pins or a sim­ple cork board can also be used for smaller ac­ces­sories, keep­ing them in one or­gan­ised space.

4 Go cus­tom

Cus­tom-built stor­age spa­ces and fur­ni­ture pieces are def­i­nitely not bank ac­count-friendly, but their be­spoke na­ture means you can get the most out the avail­able space in your home. They can also be made with special com­part­ments and shelv­ing that meets your unique re­quire­ments. Cus­tom builds also have a level of fit and fin­ish that bests their pre-made coun­ter­parts, blend­ing seam­lessly into your in­te­rior aes­thetic.

5 Up the wall

Put empty walls to good use by turn­ing them into us­able stor­age spa­ces with drill in so­lu­tions. Float­ing cab­i­nets can be in­stalled on empty kitchen walls above coun­ter­tops to make space for var­i­ous kitchen­ware and cutlery. The space above the door frame can also be home to a shelf for books, decor pieces, and rarely-used items. The best part about wall mounted so­lu­tions is that you can go right up to the ceil­ing, util­is­ing the en­tire height of the wall.

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