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and soft, fluffy buns – they’re all held to­gether by eggs!

In terms of nu­tri­ents, the egg is no less lack­ing. They’re fre­quently lauded as one of the most nu­tri­tious foods in the world: they are laden with vi­ta­mins B12, B2, B5, vi­ta­min A, se­le­nium, cal­cium, and potas­sium among oth­ers. They’re fairly low-calorie, and yet pro­vide plenty of qual­ity pro­tein. And while older re­search cau­tions against eat­ing too many eggs for fear of choles­terol, fresh per­spec­tives in our mod­ern age have shown eggs to im­prove one’s choles­terol pro­file! Stud­ies have shown that eggs raise the lev­els of “good” choles­terol HDL while also in­creas­ing the par­ti­cle size of “bad” choles­terol LDL. This trans­lates to a lower risk of heart dis­ease.

What’s even bet­ter is that eggs have been shown to help with weight lost! Be­cause eggs con­tain plenty of pro­tein and fat, they con­trib­ute to the feel­ing of sa­ti­a­tion much bet­ter, lead­ing to higher meal sat­is­fac­tion and a lower chance of snack­ing on other un­healthy op­tions. Eat­ing eggs for break­fast will give you that much-needed boost for the day; stud­ies have shown that those who eat eggs for break­fast went on to con­sume far less calo­ries through­out the day.

The ver­dict? Egg-cep­tional.

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