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No party is com­plete with­out an ap­pro­pri­ately-re­fresh­ing, ice-cold drink, and no drink is com­plete with­out the proper glass ware! Dig into your sea­sonal stash and break out the beau­ti­ful glasses! From cham­pagne flutes to wine glasses to tum­blers to cock­tail cups, be­lieve us when we say it makes a dif­fer­ence – not just in aes­thet­ics and in the feel of the party, but also in the way your drinks will taste.

Cham­pagne and bub­bly wines should be served in fluted glasses to keep the bub­bles in longer. Re­mem­ber to serve well chilled!

Red wine should be served in glasses with fuller, rounder bowls as they are stronger and bolder in flavour. This en­ables all the aro­mas to emerge – which you can smell through the larger open­ings.

White wine is com­monly served in smaller, up­right and U-shaped glasses that re­lease the aro­mas, while yet help­ing to main­tain a fridge-cool serv­ing tem­per­a­ture.

Cock­tails come in many shapes and sizes, so pick your ves­sel de­pend­ing on your drink of choice! A good place to start is in the pub or at bars – ob­serve what the bar­tenders use and you can’t go wrong!

Brandy is served in a snifter; a short stemmed glass with a wide­bot­tomed bowl and a fairly nar­row top.

Whiskey is com­monly served in old-fash­ioned tum­blers.

Be sure to keep around shot­glasses if you want to make a real party of it!

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