Plain fur­nish­ings might be the safe choice when you first start out in a new home, but what if you want to jazz it up down the line?

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1. Paint for the gods

It can be nerve-wrack­ing and painful to fur­nish your very first liv­ing space, and this often ex­plains the dull-coloured pieces dom­i­nat­ing the first homes of many. It’s time to get rid of that ‘pseudo-min­i­mal­ist’ mind­set and change it up with some colour and luxe!

Pick out the duller pieces – these can range from solid coloured pic­ture frames, plain mir­rors, and dull fur­ni­ture pieces – and start break­ing out the paint! Go wild with neon yel­low and greens or opt for a more re­gal af­fair like dark pur­ples or soft blues. The key is to add colour, enough to picque your vis­ual senses!

You could also try out spe­cial paints that al­low you to explore the depths of your in­ner cre­ativ­ity through tex­ture and sheen – Nip­pon’s Mo­mento spe­cial ef­fect paints are a great op­tion. Cre­ate unique patterns, em­u­late a tex­ture, or let your plain fur­nish­ings sparkle. Get cre­ative by us­ing tape to map out a se­ries of patterns and paint over to cre­ate a unique printed look that adds rich­ness and depth to your fur­nish­ing!

2. Bol­ster and up­hol­ster

Up­hol­stery is not for­ever; how­ever, if there is no zip­per or user re­mov­able method for your couches or poufs, you can still send it to a shop to get it done pro­fes­sion­ally. If that sounds like too much of an or­deal, start small by chang­ing up your cush­ion cases! Try flo­ral and an­i­mal prints to give your liv­ing space a more trop­i­cal look or luxe it up with vel­vet pur­ple or gold cov­ers!

When you are ready to tackle your larger pieces of fur­ni­ture, tar­get those with sin­gle-coloured up­hol­stery. Con­sider your fur­ni­ture – from couches to arm­chairs, and if they look too muted or bor­ing, imag­ine them in brighter, louder shades and vi­brant patterns. Prac­tice re­straint with larger pieces so as to not cre­ate too much vis­ual chaos.

3.Trash to Trea­sures

In­stead of opt­ing for mass-mar­keted op­tions, why not look to up­cy­cling and recycling where your old fur­nish­ings are con­cerned? Throw out that old, rick­ety bed-frame and re­place it with sanded and painted wooden crates! Want a more ec­cen­tric-look­ing bed­side ta­ble? Why not try to get your hands on some con­crete blocks? In the right frame of mind, even an old piece of drift­wood can be turned into an in­ter­est­ing ta­ble piece or can­dle holder.

Al­ter­na­tively, scav­enge used goods mar­kets where unique and quirky dec­o­ra­tive pieces usu­ally pop up. Don’t worry about the worn-out sur­faces; just give it a new coat of paint, or if you are re­ally handy, fix it up your­self! Wooden sculp­tures and fig­urines are pop­u­lar and are rel­a­tively easy finds.

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