HWM (Malaysia) - - LAB TEST -

– When test­ing dis­plays and tele­vi­sions, we usu­ally let the dis­plays (es­pe­cially LCDs) to warm up a lit­tle be­fore pro­ceed­ing with our test­ing. This is done so as to get the most ac­cu­rate color re­pro­duc­tion the dis­play or TV has to of­fer. We test dis­plays by open­ing text files to check for bleed­ing, and our Gre­tag Mac­beth chart to see color re­pro­duc­tion ac­cu­racy. For TVs, we run sev­eral Full HD movies and look for ghost­ing ef­fects, while keep­ing an eye on gen­eral im­age qual­ity.

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