ASUS Direc­tCU II OC GeForce GTX 770

Re­ward­ing Graph­ics Power


NVIDIA’s Ke­pler se­ries GPUs pro­vide users with ar­guably the best graph­ics per­for­mance yet in the world of com­puter games. ASUS’ Direc­tCU II OC GeForce GTX 770 is one of the best per­for­mance graph­ics cards that can sig­nif­i­cantly im­prove the per­for­mance of your com­puter when play­ing to­day’s highly in­ten­sive games.

Like all GTX 770 based cards, it uses the GK106 ar­chi­tec­ture that is more pow­er­ful than pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions by leaps and bounds. Sta­tis­ti­cally, this card come with a base GPU and mem­ory clock speed of 1059MHz and 1753MHz re­spec­tively, mak­ing the GTX 770 pow­er­ful and ca­pa­ble of han­dling de­mand­ing pro­grams.

In terms of con­nec­tiv­ity ports, the GTX 770 comes with all the stan­dards that you might ex­pect, in­clud­ing two DVI/D, one HDMI and one Dis­playPort con­nec­tor. There are also two SLI con­nec­tors on top of the GTX 770, al­low­ing the card to sup­port up to threeor even four-way multi-GPU set­ups should you re­quire even more graph­ics power.

To test the GTX 770, we used our stan­dard lineup of bench­marks that in­clude both, syn­thetic and real world tests. Be­gin­ning with 3DMark, we used the pro­gram’s FireStrike test and the card man­aged scores of 6,800 and 3,396, re­spec­tively for the Per­for­mance and Ex­treme tests, which is pretty good. Fol­low­ing that, we ran 3DMark11 as well and the card man­aged to pro­duce an im­pres­sive score of 10,360. Next in line was Unig­ine’s Heaven, that tests the tes­sel­la­tion ca­pa­bil­i­ties of a card and we found that this graph­ics card scored an aver­age of 55.5 FPS (frames per sec­ond). Though the per­for­mance of the card may not be as high as its big­ger broth­ers like the GTX 780 or even the TI­TAN, the GTX 770 al­ready pro­vides users with great per­for­mance.

Com­ing to our real world tests, we used a com­bi­na­tion of games such as Cr­y­sis 3, DiRT 3, and Bat­man: Arkham City to gauge the card. With Cr­y­sis 3 the card man­aged to at­tain an aver­age of 24FPS at Very High set­tings with 4x TXAA. DiRT 3 on the other hand had a healthy aver­age of 126.76 FPS and Bat­man: Arkham City had a good aver­age of 54FPS. Th­ese scores show that the GTX 770 can in­deed han­dle the lat­est games with­out too many prob­lems.

Also want­ing to see how well the GTX 770 can be over­clocked, we pushed its GPU and mem­ory clock a 100MHz more. To gauge its im­prove­ments we ran our 3DMark and Cr­y­sis 3 tests again. This time the 3DMark FireStrike suite recorded a score of 7,147 points, which is a pretty big jump in per­for­mance. Fol­low­ing that, we booted Cr­y­sis 3 again and man­aged to get an aver­age of 29FPS at Very High set­tings with 4x TXAA.

Hav­ing com­pleted our tests, we can say that ASUS’ Direc­tCU II OC GeForce GTX 770 is in­deed a pow­er­ful graph­ics card that can han­dle to­day’s lat­est games. If you are in need of a pow­er­ful graph­ics card and also have a bit of cash to spare; re­ward your­self with this graph­ics card.

Our re­sults show that this graph­ics card is ca­pa­ble of han­dling the lat­est games

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