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King of the Club


When it comes to head­phones, in ad­di­tion to choos­ing one that matches your style or pro­vides you the ease of con­ve­nience and porta­bil­ity, it’s also im­por­tant to se­lect a pair that de­liv­ers the kind of sound you want. That be­ing said, if you en­joy mu­sic with heavy bass like dance, elec­tron­ica, house or R&B, then you might want to con­sider the AKG K619 head­set, which is seem­ingly de­signed for the club-go­ing crowd.

Touted as a DJ-style pro­fes­sion­al­grade head­set, the K619 def­i­nitely lives up to the aes­thet­ics. De­spite be­ing made of plas­tic, it is a solid piece of hard­ware with two over­the-ear cush­ioned foam cups. The thick headband is also padded, sturdy and most im­por­tantly fold­able, of­fer­ing easy stor­age in an ac­com­pa­ny­ing pouch. On the head­phones, there is a col­ored me­tal ring, which lends it a pre­mium look and gives it some iden­tity, so users can choose be­tween a va­ri­ety of shades in­clud­ing pink, red, or­ange, blue, green and black.

For con­nec­tiv­ity, the K619 re­lies on a 3.5mm sil­ver-plated stereo plug, al­though there is also a 6.3mm jack adapter in­cluded. An in-line mi­cro­phone and vol­ume con­trol of­fers users the op­tion of us­ing this head­set hands-free when con­nected to a smart­phone, or even for gam­ing on a com­puter.

In terms of com­fort, we find the ear pads on the K619 to be lux­u­ri­ously soft with­out trap­ping heat around the ears; fit­ting snugly to pro­vide great noise iso­la­tion. Wear­ing th­ese cush­ioned head­phones for ex­tended pe­ri­ods didn’t feel un­com­fort­able at all, al­low­ing us to en­joy qual­ity sound for hours on end with­out dis­com­fort. Be­sides muf­fling and keep­ing ex­ter­nal sounds out, th­ese closed back head­phones also help keep the sound in, as we noted how there is al­most no no­tice­able noise leak­age, mak­ing it per­fect for qui­eter en­vi­ron­ments like a li­brary or in a of­fice.

When we said that the K619 is built for bass-heavy mu­sic, we meant it. Dance and elec­tronic tunes fare ex­tremely well on th­ese head­phones as bass notes rum­ble deep with­out over­pow­er­ing the higher tre­ble and midrange fre­quen­cies. When tested with some clas­si­cal op­eras, we were also im­pressed with the sound stag­ing, which stands out to high­light its well-bal­anced han­dling of vo­cals and orches­tra in the back­ground. The re­sult is an ex­pe­ri­ence that you would come to ex­pect from high-per­for­mance head­phones, al­though we do feel that clar­ity of in­stru­ments could have been bet­ter on acous­tic and jazz tracks, which have more de­tail in their sound. Even games and movies ben­e­fit from th­ese ver­sa­tile head­phones, which bring out the best of the ac­tion.

In sum­mary, the AKG K619 def­i­nitely lives up to its rep­u­ta­tion as a pro­fes­sional-grade head­set that ev­ery­one – not only club DJs – will love. Aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing, it looks good on the head and feels even bet­ter when worn, thanks to its strong padded build, which is com­fort­able and se­cure. Of­fer­ing great well-bal­anced au­dio, the fact that it is also easy to store and trans­port makes this head­set per­fect for lis­ten­ing at your com­puter or while on the move.

Th­ese head­phones can be folded for easy stor­age in a car­ry­ing bag

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