Speedo Aquabeat 2

The Swim­mer’s Rhythm


There was a time when ath­letes wanted to take their mu­sic with them into the gym. To­day, they want to be able to take their mu­sic with them into the pool. With the water­proof Aquabeat 2 MP3 player, swim­mers can now take their fa­vorite tracks into the wa­ter with them, which is great for prac­tic­ing those syn­chro­nized rou­tines or just en­joy­ing a ca­sual soak. We check out Speedo’s suc­ces­sor to the Aquabeat.

The com­pact and light­weight Aquabeat 2 is an oval-shaped de­vice that’s de­signed to clip onto your swim­suit or gog­gles. No big­ger than your palm, it fea­tures a small func­tional dis­play that makes it easy for nav­i­gat­ing playlists and mu­sic, which is done by us­ing the six but­tons lo­cated on the top and bot­tom of the de­vice, as well as on the left and right of the screen. Our re­view unit came in a lime green, al­though the player is avail­able in two other col­ors - pink and black.

Nav­i­gat­ing the Aquabeat 2 is easy; users can eas­ily skip tracks or en­ter menus with the left and right but­tons, as well as ad­just vol­ume or se­lect dif­fer­ent menus by us­ing the switches on top of the player. Packed with a pe­dome­ter, stop­watch, fit­ness tracker and FM ra­dio, this de­vice has an ar­ray of func­tions for dif­fer­ent ac­tiv­i­ties; all of which can be eas­ily set up within min­utes.

For con­nec­tiv­ity, this de­vice re­lies on a sin­gle au­dio port, which is shared by its head­phones and USB jack. Users can sim­ply plug the player di­rectly into any com­puter to drag-and-drop their fa­vorite tunes with­out the need for in­stalling any ad­di­tional soft­ware. Playlists can also be as­sem­bled on the com­puter, which pro­vides users even more con­trol over their mu­sic.

As a water­proof MP3 player, the Aquabeat 2 can be sub­merged up to 3 me­ters un­der­wa­ter, so users can take it deeper with them into the wa­ter with­out worry. What we liked best, how­ever, is the fact that the de­vice is so light that should it be­come detached from your gog­gles or swimwear, it will sim­ply float to the sur­face.

Ship­ping with the de­vice are plas­tic water­proof ear­phones, which we found a lit­tle tight and slightly un­com­fort­able. Th­ese ear­phones com­prise three-tier rub­ber plugs that are de­signed to go into the ear canal and a clip struc­ture that goes be­hind the ear; the lat­ter which is some­what com­plex to wear. Rigid in de­sign, the clips pre­vent the rub­ber tips from fully fit­ting the ear canal, but this can be eas­ily reme­died by re­mov­ing the clip and wear­ing the buds by them­selves. The rub­ber tips, how­ever, can feel a lit­tle pen­e­tra­tive, al­though users can eas­ily swap them with other rub­ber in­ner-ear adapters for bet­ter com­fort.

With a charge time of just 3 hours, the Speedo Aquabeat 2 can de­liver up to 20 hours of play time, which makes it a good MP3 player in and out of the pool. With a va­ri­ety of func­tions in­clud­ing an equal­izer for dif­fer­ent au­dio set­tings, this de­vice works for swim­mers and ca­sual users alike.

The Speedo Aquabeat 2 comes bun­dled with water­proof head­phones

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