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With hazy con­di­tions and bad weather in the past few months, it's safe to say that the air pol­lu­tion in Malaysia has been quite per­sis­tent. It's no sur­prise then, that many peo­ple are look­ing at get­ting an air purifier to keep their homes and work­places free from pol­lu­tion. That be­ing said, we think that the Philips' AC4084 Air Purifier and Hu­mid­i­fier serves this pur­pose well.

Most brands of air pu­ri­fiers are usu­ally forced to put the set­tings on their ma­chine to ei­ther pu­rify or hu­mid­ify the iso­lated en­vi­ron­ment, but never both at the same time. That's one of the dis­tinct fea­tures of this Philips Air Purifier and Hu­mid­i­fier. It's ca­pa­ble of per­form­ing both tasks at the same time.

As a point of com­par­i­son, many air pu­ri­fiers in the mar­ket tend to mar­ket them­selves as 'Air Ioniz­ers.' To ex­plain the con­cept quickly; air Ioniz­ers sim­ply 'ion­ize the air' by at­tach­ing good elec­trons (or pro­tons) to the bad bac­te­ria that float in the air. Once at­tached, th­ese bac­te­ria sim­ply fall to the floor and die and you are then safe from an im­mi­nent in­fec­tion. The Philips Air Purifier and Hu­mid­i­fier doesn't ion­ize the air. In­stead, it sucks in all bac­te­ria and dust par­ti­cles into it­self and traps th­ese par­ti­cles in­side its fil­ter and kills them there.

Which brings us to the de­vice's fil­tra­tion sys­tem. Like all pu­ri­fiers, the Philips Air Purifier and Hu­mid­i­fier cleans the air via the use of four (count that, four) sep­a­rate fil­ters. The fil­ters are the Pre fil­ter, the Char­coal fil­ter, the HEPA fil­ter and fi­nally the Wa­ter fil­ter (used specif­i­cally for the hu­mid­i­fier func­tion). The HEPA fil­ter is cat­e­go­rized from a scale of E10 to E17, with 10 be­ing the low­est class and 17 be­ing the high­est, and usu­ally used in ex­treme sit­u­a­tions such as dis­ease con­tain­ment or iso­la­tion. The HEPA fil­ter on this de­vice is ranked E11, the cat­e­gory which is most suit­able for home or of­fice use.

Op­er­at­ing the ma­chine is re­ally easy. Once turned on, it au­to­mat­i­cally be­gins to cleanse the air and keeps your en­vi­ron­ment hu­mid enough with­out mak­ing you feel un­com­fort­able. It's even got a timer and hu­mid­ity level con­trol at the top of it, so you can set it to clean the air for 1, 4 or 8 hours be­fore switch­ing off.

As for main­te­nance, Philips de­signed this ma­chine in such a way that any and ev­ery con­sumer will know how and when to clean its fil­ters. When­ever the fil­ters get too dirty and clogged or if the wa­ter tank is low or run­ning on empty, the ma­chine will sim­ply not func­tion. The Philips Air Purifier and Hu­mid­i­fier will only con­tinue its func­tions once all com­po­nents have been cleaned out or re­placed.

The Philips Air Purifier and Hu­mid­i­fier is one of those ma­chines that is worth the money asked. For health con­scious in­di­vid­u­als who care about their qual­ity of liv­ing, we put it sim­ply: you can't put a price on health, and this ma­chine will def­i­nitely im­prove the qual­ity of your health.

Change hu­mid­ity lev­els at a push of a but­ton

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