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For those fa­mil­iar with mess­ing around with their equal­izer set­tings, tweak­ing the au­dio to sound ex­actly the way you like it is of­ten a re­ward­ing feel­ing. How­ever, if your mu­sic tastes cover a wide va­ri­ety of gen­res, then you’d most likely have it rough be­cause you’d need to tune the au­dio again and again. Say farewell to that be­cause the Bey­er­dy­namic Cus­tom One Pro is here to save the day.

The con­cept be­hind the Cus­tom One Pro is sim­ple - be­ing able to cus­tom­ize your au­dio lis­ten­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. With this goal in mind, the engi­neers set out to cre­ate a pair of head­phones that could be cus­tom­ized in terms of looks and sound, and thus, the Cus­tom One Pro was born. You can change the headband wrap­ping, the steel side­plates on the ear cups, and even the ca­ble. Th­ese ac­ces­sories are sold sep­a­rately though.

What sets the Cus­tom One Pro apart how­ever, is the fact there are two ‘Cus­tom Sound Slid­ers’, one on each ear cup. Th­ese slid­ers serve to ei­ther in­crease or de­crease the amount of bass by chang­ing how the bass re­flex vents work. There are four sound “pro­files” that can be ac­cessed by ad­just­ing th­ese slid­ers. Slid­ing it to the top most po­si­tion will place greater em­pha­sis vo­cals and high fre­quen­cies, while slid­ing it to the bot­tom will re­sult in ex­tremely pow­er­ful bass. The two other pro­files are in-be­tween th­ese two ex­tremes, and is where we rec­om­mend you set the slid­ers to.

In vo­cal tracks such as Joanna Wang’s “The Best Mis­take I Ever Made”, her voice is clearly au­di­ble and bass is very punchy. As for tracks with acous­tic in­stru­ments such as John Mayer's “Some­thing Like Olivia”, pres­ence is ex­tremely good, with a good blend of mids and highs. When it comes to Rock and Pop, the Cus­tom One Pro de­liv­ers the same sort of per­for­mance. Also, sim­i­lar to other high-end Bey­er­dy­namic's mod­els such as the DT 880 Pro, sound stag­ing is ex­cel­lent.

Take note that we set the slid­ers to the sec­ond from bot­tom notch, de­liv­er­ing au­dio with a slight em­pha­sis on bass. De­pend­ing on the types of mu­sic you lis­ten to, chang­ing the slid­ers around will af­fect the sound greatly. Through­out our lis­ten­ing ses­sions, we're happy to re­port that the Cus­tom One Pro was very com­fort­able, thanks to the high qual­ity foam pads used in the ear cups.

One thing we'd like to high­light is the fact that th­ese head­phones do not re­quire an am­pli­fier to per­form at their best. This is be­cause the driv­ers used in the Cus­tom One Pro are rated at 16 Ohm, mean­ing that they're able to give you some pretty loud mu­sic, re­gard­less of the source.

Our con­clu­sion is sim­ple; Bey­er­dy­namic's Cus­tom One Pro is truly a great pair of head­phones that is in­cred­i­bly ver­sa­tile. You can cus­tom­ize the way it looks and the way it sounds eas­ily; mak­ing th­ese head­phones some­thing that would ap­peal to both, the young and the old.

The Cus­tom Sound Slid­ers that al­low you to change the au­dio char­ac­ter­is­tics of th­ese head­phones

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