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Por­ta­ble wire­less speak­ers have been around for a re­ally long time. They’ve been known to have very col­or­ful and vis­ually ap­peal­ing de­signs while some of them come in small pack­ages which make them so easy to carry around. How­ever, when it comes to sound qual­ity, por­ta­ble wire­less speak­ers re­ceive very lit­tle to no love. The JBL Charge changes all this.

Like most por­ta­ble wire­less speak­ers, the Charge strikes a pretty al­lur­ing de­sign. Shaped cylin­dri­cally like a 24oz alu­minum can, the re­view unit we re­ceived had a nice matte white and green fin­ish­ing. Along the cen­ter where the ac­tual speak­ers are lo­cated, is a sturdy me­tal mesh along with the JBL logo. Though we said that the shape of the de­vice is cylin­dri­cal, there are rub­ber stop­pers at the bot­tom of the speak­ers that al­low it to rest prop­erly while ly­ing down. Be­sides that, the Charge can also be po­si­tioned to stand with­out los­ing out on any sound be­cause its speak­ers are in the cen­ter.

There are only three but­tons on the Charge; the first be­ing the main power but­ton which dou­bles as the Blue­tooth pair­ing but­ton if you hold it down for more than 3 sec­onds. Aside from that, what’s left are the two vol­ume but­tons which is self-ex­plana­tory. Pair­ing up the Charge with an­other de­vice is sim­ple enough, mak­ing the de­vice very ac­ces­si­ble. Be­sides just the but­tons, there are three LED in­di­ca­tors next to the power but­ton to in­di­cate re­main­ing bat­tery life. Al­ter­na­tively, since the Charge fea­tures a pow­er­ful 6000 mAh Li-ion recharge­able bat­tery, it can also be used to charge a smart­phone via the USB port found on the Charge’s left side.

Go­ing back to sound qual­ity, the Charge pos­sesses one of the best, if not the best, sound qual­ity we’ve ex­pe­ri­enced in terms of por­ta­ble speak­ers in a while. Ig­nor­ing the very rare oc­ca­sion of sound dis­tor­tion, the Charge per­forms far bet­ter than many 2.0 speak­ers out there.

When tested dur­ing our lis­ten­ing ses­sions, the Charge per­formed ad­mirably well across all gen­res. In­stru­ments and vo­cals are clear through­out with hardly any dis­tor­tion even with the vol­ume blasted all the way up to max­i­mum. Though we’re very pleased with the Charge’s per­for­mance, we would still rec­om­mend a set of 2.1 speak­ers for bet­ter sound stag­ing and bass. How­ever, th­ese are the ex­pected lim­i­ta­tions of por­ta­ble speak­ers in gen­eral and not so much the Charge.

When com­pared to other por­ta­ble speak­ers, the Charge is pretty large. How­ever, th­ese speak­ers are still pretty con­ve­nient to trans­port around, es­pe­cially given that the Charge comes with a nice black pouch for stor­age and to pre­vent scratches while trans­port­ing it.

The Charge may ap­pear like a rudi­men­tary set of por­ta­ble speak­ers but does what it prom­ises to do ex­tremely well. It houses ar­guably the best sound qual­ity one can ex­pect to find in a por­ta­ble set of speak­ers. We def­i­nitely rec­om­mend it for lap­top users who ap­pre­ci­ate sound qual­ity even when they’re mov­ing about.

You can use the Charge’s USB port to charge your mo­bile de­vices

Three sim­ple but­tons pop­u­late the Charge along with the LED in­di­ca­tors

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