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The prob­lem with us­ing wide-an­gle lenses, which can fit en­tire build­ings nicely, is that they make par­al­lel lines look like they con­verge in­stead. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pho­to­graph a build­ing, with­out hav­ing to cor­rect for the per­spec­tive dis­tor­tion in Pho­to­shop later?

Well you can, us­ing tilt-shift lenses. Also called per­spec­tive con­trol lenses, they let you tilt and/or shift the lens so that lines do not dis­tort and re­main par­al­lel. Tilt-shift lenses have also be­come fa­mous for cre­at­ing the 'fake minia­tures' look, be­cause they al­low you to cre­ate se­lec­tive planes of fo­cus. While nor­mal lenses let you blur what's in front or be­hind your sub­ject, tilt-shift lenses let you se­lec­tively blur en­tire ar­eas of a scene.

In­stead of hav­ing to cor­rect per­spec­tives in Pho­to­shop, a tilt-shift lens can help you get straight lines right in-cam­era (shots are sim­u­lated us­ing the – you guessed it – Up­right Lens Cor­rec­tion tool in Pho­to­shop CC).

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