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The fol­low­ing ta­ble gives an ap­prox­i­mate com­par­i­son of bit-rates and how they af­fect the length of the record­ing over a 100MB file.

If you're al­ready us­ing Au­dac­ity to edit your record­ings, it makes sense to use it for en­cod­ing as well. To do so, you will need to in­stall the LAME MP3 En­coder add-on. En­cod­ing it­self is a sim­ple pro­ce­dure. Just choose the “Ex­port as MP3” op­tion from un­der the “File” drop­down menu. The bi­trate for the ex­ported MP3 tracks can be changed from “Pref­er­ences” un­der the “Edit” drop­down menu.

The LAME en­coder lets Au­dac­ity ex­port tracks as MP3 and you can choose the bit-rate your­self.

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