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In the ever-chang­ing PC land­scape, one thing re­mains con­stant – there will al­ways be de­mand for ef­fi­cient, high-per­for­mance PSUs. With that in mind, Cooler Mas­ter took to the task of cre­at­ing a PSU range that would meet the needs of DIY en­thu­si­asts. What the com­pany came up with was the V-se­ries PSUs.

The Cooler Mas­ter V750 is part of this lineup, which was first un­veiled in COMPUTEX 2013 ear­lier this year. What sets the V750 and its brethren apart from the com­pe­ti­tion is that they are highly af­ford­able PSUs that are not only highly ef­fi­cient, but have mod­u­lar fea­tures as well. The V750 has a semi-mod­u­lar de­sign, which means that the 20+4 moth­er­board con­nec­tor and a num­ber of other ba­sic ca­bles are per­ma­nently con­nected to the PSU. Ad­di­tional ca­bles, such as the SATA ca­bles, can be con­nected ac­cord­ingly if you need to power up ad­di­tional pe­riph­er­als.

Another fea­ture that Cooler Mas­ter is proud of is the fact that this se­ries of PSUs makes use of a ‘3D cir­cuit’. This essen­tially means that the PCB on this PSU isn’t laid out flat. This in­creases the sur­face area, al­low­ing for bet­ter heat dis­si­pa­tion, re­duced crosstalk, and less sig­nal noise.

When it comes to cir­cuit pro­tec­tion, this PSU has an en­tire suite of pro­tec­tion, so rest as­sured that your pre­cious PC will be safe in the event of a power surge. This suite in­cludes Over Volt­age Pro­tec­tion; Un­der Volt­age Pro­tec­tion; Over Cur­rent Pro­tec­tion; Over Power Pro­tec­tion; Over Tem­per­a­ture Pro­tec­tion; and Short Cir­cuit Pro­tec­tion.

Test­ing this PSU in­volved us con­nect­ing the PSU to our sys­tem and a Power Me­ter. We took three read­ings from the Power Me­ter to get a bet­ter idea of the ef­fi­ciency of this PSU. Our first read­ing was taken when the sys­tem was shut down, to find out if there was any phan­tom draw. We found that the sys­tem was draw­ing an av­er­age of 3.0W, which is an av­er­age amount of con­sump­tion.

We then booted up our sys­tem and left it on idle for about 10 min­utes be­fore tak­ing a read­ing. On idle, the draw was av­er­ag­ing around 87.6W, which is slightly lower when com­pared to other PSUs on the mar­ket, which tend to av­er­age about 90W on idle. Our fi­nal test saw us run­ning 3DMark’s Fire Strike Ex­treme, where the sys­tem’s draw was 335W on av­er­age. Th­ese num­bers show that this PSU is rather ef­fi­cient, pro­vid­ing more power only when the sys­tem de­mands for it. It’s also worth not­ing that the 120mm fan re­mained very silent, even when we placed the sys­tem un­der load.

At the end of the day, the Cooler Mas­ter V750 is a solid choice for any­one look­ing to as­sem­ble a gam­ing rig. There’s enough juice for a high-end graph­ics card as well as a RAID con­fig­u­ra­tion, with­out wor­ry­ing about in­suf­fi­cient power. The semi-mod­u­lar de­sign helps in cable man­age­ment, giv­ing you the free­dom to use only the con­nec­tors you need. Need­less to say, this PSU is rec­om­mended for any­one on a tight bud­get for a mid-range PC.

sPeC­i­fi­Ca­Tions MoDel Cooler Mas­ter V750 Semi-Mod­u­lar // Con­neC­Tors 1x 20+4 moth­er­board, 1x CPU 12V 4+4, 4x PCI-e 6+2 pin, 8x SATA, 6x 4-pin pe­riph­eral, 1 x 4-pin floppy //

Cir­CUiT Pro­TeC­Tion Over Cur­rent Pro­tec­tion (OCP), Over Volt­age Pro­tec­tion (OVP), Un­der Volt­age Pro­tec­tion (UVP), Short Cir­cuit Pro­tec­tion (SCP), Over Power Pro­tec­tion (OPP), Over Tem­per­a­ture Pro­tec­tion (OTP) // War­ranTy 5-years //

Con­TaCT Ban Leong Tech­nolo­gies Sdn Bhd // Tele­Phone (03) 7956 6300 // Url www. cool­er­mas­

There’s a 120mm in­tel­li­gent fan in­te­grated into the Cooler Mas­ter V750.

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