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If you’re look­ing for an ATX-sized, In­tel-based moth­er­board, rest as­sured that there are plenty of choices to go around. But what type of ATX moth­er­board suits your needs? On one end of the spec­trum, there’s the ba­sic ATX that sim­ply serve the pur­pose of just chan­nel­ing the wattage through to the other com­po­nents and en­sur­ing that they don’t burn out. Then, there are the high-per­for­mance moth­er­boards on the other end of the spec­trum, moth­er­boards that are made to per­form, to en­dure a beat­ing and some se­ri­ous over­clock­ing. The ASUS Z87-Pro that you see here falls into that cat­e­gory.

Upon un­box­ing, it’s clear that the Z87-Pro wasn’t just go­ing to ‘wow’ us with its per­for­mance alone. The moth­er­board is gar­ishly adorned with all the black and gold trim­mings on all the com­po­nent fit­tings. Even the heatsinks aren’t spared from ASUS’s gold trim­mings, to the point that the heatsinks ac­tu­ally have a bright sheen to them.

Un­der­neath it all, though, a lot of the same tech­nol­ogy that we saw on the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion of ASUS moth­er­boards has made a come­back. The Dual In­tel­li­gent Processors IV fea­ture is one of them and as a re­fresher; the fea­ture al­lows the users to make changes or op­ti­miza­tions on their com­po­nents and moth­er­board on the fly.

For those of you who live and breathe the (wire­less) cloud, you’ll be glad to know that the Wi-Fi GO! Slot has also re­turned on the Z87-Pro, which means that this moth­er­board is also ca­pa­ble of trans­mit­ting me­dia con­tent wire­lessly through DLNA-cer­ti­fied me­dia hubs, TVs and even through your iOS or An­droid de­vices. All that is needed to be done is to con­nect the ac­com­pa­ny­ing re­ceiver to the back of the moth­er­board, in­stall the nec­es­sary driv­ers and you’re in.

Another fea­ture that makes a re­turn is the USB 3.0 Boost. Tra­di­tion­ally, USB 3.0 is al­ready ex­cep­tion­ally fast in its ca­pac­ity of trans­fer­ring files from one source to another por­ta­ble source, such as a por­ta­ble hard drive or USB flash drive with the same USB 3.0 tech­nol­ogy. With USB 3.0 Boost, ASUS has touted that the func­tion al­lows the Z87-Pro to trans­fer mul­ti­ple files, while still re­tain­ing the same speed that the USB 3.0 port pro­vides.

In terms of per­for­mance, we ran our usual bench­marks for moth­er­boards and that means PCMark 8 and PCMark 7. On PCMark 8, the moth­er­board gave us a score of 5,393, with over­all web brows­ing per­for­mance not tak­ing longer than 0.3 of a sec­ond and video chat la­tency hover along the 55ms line. On PC Mark 7, the Z87-Pro achieved an over­all score of 4,615, but pro­duced a com­pu­ta­tional score of 7,476.

The ASUS Z87-Pro sits on top of the pedestal of high-end, per­for­mance-grade moth­er­boards that doesn’t skimp on wire­less fea­tures. It’s prob­a­bly the only moth­er­board that al­lows you to ac­ti­vate your PC re­motely, so if you’re the kind of per­son who en­joys the idea of ac­ti­vat­ing your PC through your mo­bile de­vice, then this moth­er­board is for you.

The Z87-Pro’s com­pu­ta­tions are fast and pre­cise.

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