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Proudly bran­dish­ing the 80 Plus Plat­inum cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, the Sea­sonic 760W Plat­inum Se­ries PSU prom­ises ef­fi­ciency, re­li­a­bil­ity, and pre­mium qual­ity, and from what we’ve seen, it does not dis­ap­point.

Sea Sonic Elec­tron­ics was the first to de­velop a PSU that is 80 Plus com­pli­ant. To at­tain an 80 Plus cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, a PSU must be ef­fi­cient at de­liv­er­ing the cor­rect amount of power, when needed, with­out waste. This trans­lates to lower power us­age and pro­longed life­span of com­po­nents.

In our tests, we saw the power in­take for the PSU fluc­tu­ates ac­cord­ingly based on the load we put on the PC. This is a mark of an ef­fi­cient PSU. With the PC pow­ered down, the Sea­sonic 760W Plat­inum draws a stan­dard 3.5W. How­ever, with the PC turned on and left to idle, the PSU draws an im­pres­sively low 84.2W of en­ergy.

We were also im­pressed that the PSU draws an av­er­age of 319W of en­ergy when we put our test PC un­der heavy load.

Sea Sonic cred­its the PSU’s per­for­mance to the use of Ja­panese-made Con­duc­tive Poly­mer Alu­minum Solid Elec­trolytic Ca­pac­i­tors. Th­ese ca­pac­i­tors have low equiv­a­lent se­ries re­sis­tance (ESR) and low equiv­a­lent se­ries in­duc­tance (ESR). This means that the ca­pac­i­tors cause very lit­tle power loss and in­ter­fer­ence, which makes it highly ef­fi­cient.

Th­ese ca­pac­i­tors are also rated to func­tion un­der harsh con­di­tions, up to 105 de­gree Cel­sius, so you know the PSU will not fail you dur­ing hard­core gam­ing ses­sions. Hav­ing said that, the Sea­sonic 760W Plat­inum not only im­pressed us with its per­for­mance, but also with its de­sign.

The PSU is de­signed to be a mod­u­lar pack­age and comes with all the ca­bles you’ll need. Un­needed power con­nec­tions, how­ever, could sim­ply be left un­used to save clut­ter. Fur­ther proof that the PSU was de­signed with the ef­fi­cient PC builder in mind is the in­cluded cable ties and cable man­age­ment sys­tem.

Along­side the PSU it­self, which came with its own pull string pouch, is a vel­cro pouch with three com­part­ments that neatly hold and store the ca­bles that come with the Sea­sonic 760W Plat­inum unit.

For users who ap­pre­ci­ate a quiet PC, the Sea­sonic 760W Plat­inum is equipped with a Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan that is cou­pled with a hon­ey­comb ven­ti­la­tion struc­ture for max­i­mum cool­ing, which pro­duces very lit­tle sound.

For those who still find that the fan is too loud, the PSU is built with a patented Hy­brid Silent Fan Con­trol, which can be ac­ti­vated via a switch. This tog­gles be­tween Hy­brid and Nor­mal mode.

Over­all the Sea­sonic 760W Plat­inum lives up to its pre­mium brand­ing and per­formed bet­ter than our ex­pec­ta­tion. So the next time you are think­ing of build­ing a PC or up­grad­ing the PSU on your cur­rent ma­chine, give this PSU a try and we doubt that you’ll be dis­ap­pointed.

The power con­nec­tors are eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble and are clearly marked.

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