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Ed­i­fier has a whole range of speak­ers avail­able for the con­sumer pool and each one have vary­ing au­dio qual­ity. From the af­ford­able, sweet-spot speak­ers with tweet­ers and mid-range speak­ers, all the way up to the Stu­dio se­ries that of­fers the whole speaker range: tweet­ers, midrange speak­ers and the sub­woofer unit. This month, we take a look at Ed­i­fier's R2800 Stu­dio Speak­ers.

Like all other speak­ers un­der the Stu­dio se­ries, the R2800 comes in a stan­dard black wood var­nished de­sign. There's no in­tru­sion of any sorts on the side of th­ese speak­ers, save ex­cept for the main speaker. Also, in­stead of two ac­tive speak­ers, Ed­i­fier had taken the lib­erty of mak­ing only one speaker an ac­tive speaker, while the other speaker (the left unit, in lay­men's terms) a slave speaker.

Con­nect­ing the speak­ers to your smart or mul­ti­me­dia de­vice is sim­ple and plen­ti­ful. Ed­i­fier had made it a point to ac­tu­ally pro­vide four dif­fer­ent kinds of in­put meth­ods: Op­ti­cal, Coax­ial, Aux­il­iary and PC. The PC and Aux­il­iary ports both use 3.5mm jacks, but do be warned: if you in­tend to con­nect your smart de­vices to the R2800, you're go­ing to need to use a 3.5mm jack that has both the left and right jacks wired on the other side.

One of the neat things about Ed­i­fier's Stu­dio se­ries speak­ers is that they give you the op­tion to tweak the tre­ble and bass as you please. Sure, there are other speak­ers from other brands that have the same func­tion, but not all of them are as ac­cu­rate as the R2800 (we'll get to that in just a bit).

Looks aside, let's get down to what this re­view is re­ally about: the R2800's au­dio qual­ity. As we al­ways do, we played a myr­iad of songs that stem from our speak­ertest­ing playlists. As the R2800 has the full trim­mings of tweet­ers, midrange speak­ers and a sub-woofer, we ac­tu­ally were glad to use songs catered for each speaker type.

For the tweet­ers, we be­gan play­ing high-pitch mu­sic, which in­clude crash­ing cym­bals, snares, wood­wind in­stru­ments and vi­o­lins. We played high-pitched pieces from Vi­valdi and jazz pieces from Yoko Kanno and the Seat­belts and we're glad to tell you that the tweet­ers showed no signs of break­ing, even when the oc­tave ranges got a lit­tle high.

For the mid-range speaker and sub-woofer, we played a se­lec­tion of jazz, pop, rock and com­posed sound­tracks, such and Carla Bruni, Led Zep­pelin, and mu­sic from com­poser Austin Win­tory. Through­out the ses­sions, the midrange speak­ers were ex­tremely ac­cu­rate, and again, there were no signs of break­ing in the tracks. The sub-woofer was also ac­cu­rate, with no sign of dis­tor­tion at any give du­ra­tion of our test­ing pe­riod.

The R2800 is a set of speak­ers de­signed com­pletely in tuned for the pick­i­est of au­dio­philes. Its physique is quite large, but here's the thing: so is the sound. Mu­sic lovers, we strongly ad­vise you to add this to your list.

The R2800 of­fers four types of con­nec­tiv­ity.

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