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Sound bars. No mat­ter what your view on them, one would ad­mit that even the most elite au­dio­phile has given th­ese sin­gle en­tity bars con­sid­er­a­tion. It's not just be­cause some of them ac­tu­ally sound great (re­ally, they do), but it's also due to the fact that they're com­pact and don't take up as much space as the tra­di­tional sound sys­tem. That be­ing said, LG has kindly pro­vided us and the world its top-of-the­line BB5530A 4.1-chan­nel Smart 3D Blu-ray Sound Bar.

As much as we would like to tell how this sound bar looks and feels aes­thet­i­cally, the prob­lem is sim­ply as we men­tioned above: it's ex­tremely min­i­mal­is­tic, both in de­sign and func­tion. On the front, the speaker grilles, along with a small LED screen in the mid­dle, which is in­dica­tive of the mode that you have set the sound bar to.

At the back, the story's the same. Aside from the power cable, only the I/Os ports for a phys­i­cal con­nec­tion to LG's TVs (don't worry, th­ese sound bars still work fine with other brands) ex­ist. Ad­di­tion­ally, there's a sub-woofer that is con­nected to the sound bar, but not through the tra­di­tional stan­dards of a wire.

That brings us to the magic of the BB5530A Sound Bar. Like all other sound bars in its range, the BB5530A can stand alone as a wire­lessly con­nected sound sys­tem by it­self. There is a catch to this wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity. In or­der to uti­lize this wire­less con­ve­nience, the TV it­self has to be an LG TV re­leased within this year. But like we said, the sound sys­tem will still func­tion with other TV brands, but sim­ply through the use of the HDMI ports on the sound bar.

So, we've talked en­tirely about the BB5530A's aes­thet­ics and func­tion­al­ity. But, as al­ways, the mil­lion dol­lar ques­tion is: what's the sound qual­ity like? Let us be­gin with the sound bar's pitches. On high pitches, the BB5530A sounds ex­cep­tion­ally ex­quis­ite. We played songs that were heavy in string in­stru­ments, high crash­ing cym­bals and loud hand-made noises. We played clas­si­cal pieces, rang­ing from Luigi Boc­cherini and Vi­valdi, and the sound bar han­dled it all very well.

In the re­gion of medium pitches, we played another myr­iad of songs; heavy rock, pop song and jazz from the likes of Led Zep­pelin, Joni Mitchell and John Mayer, which al­lowed us to dis­cern how well the BB5530A han­dled acous­tics and vo­cals. Need­less to say, all the songs sounded spot on and we de­tected no form of break­ing, as voices like Joni Mitchell's hit her high pitch. On the av­er­age scale, songs by John Mayer sound per­fect and crisp and even bet­ter, you can hear each chord and note he strikes on his gui­tar.

For the low pitch test, we went with some­thing bass-heavy. With jazz num­bers from the Yoko Kanno and the Seat­belts and com­poser Austin Win­tory, the sub-woofer of the BB5530A showed no signs of dis­tor­tion at any given time.

Con­sid­er­ing the ask­ing price for this sound bar and the sound qual­ity that it de­liv­ers, it would not be wrong of us to tell you that this piece of mod­ern Hi-Fi is def­i­nitely worth get­ting.


This soundbar is UHD-ready.

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