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An im­por­tant but of­ten ig­nored re­spon­si­bil­ity of own­ing a PC, smart­phone, or tablet is se­cu­rity. As por­ta­ble elec­tron­ics be­come more preva­lent, they in turn be­come a reser­voir of all our per­sonal in­for­ma­tion and in some cases, even more so than our desk­top and note­book PCs. Norton 360 Multi-De­vice is a sim­ple, con­ve­nient, and ef­fec­tive way to keep all your gad­gets safe.


The Norton 360 Multi-De­vice comes with an in­stal­la­tion disc and li­cense for five de­vices, which in­clude Win­dows, Mac, An­droid, and iOS de­vices. For in­stal­la­tion on a PC, Norton rec­om­mends down­load­ing the lat­est ver­sion of the in­staller rather than in­stalling it from the in­cluded disc. This is a good prac­tice as it en­sures that you will get the lat­est and most up-to-date ver­sion of the se­cu­rity soft­ware. You will need to reg­is­ter with Norton to down­load the in­staller.


Once in­stalled, you will be wel­comed by the Norton 360 con­trol panel. Here, you are given a quick overview of the se­cu­rity sta­tus and op­tions. You can also ac­ti­vate your Norton li­cense here or try it out first, for 30 days.

The se­cu­rity op­tion lets you scan your PC for viruses and mal­ware, re­move un­wanted ap­pli­ca­tions, and ad­di­tion­ally, scan your Face­book page for dan­ger­ous links.

The Iden­tity pro­tec­tion op­tion pro­tects you from phish­ing and scams. You can also cre­ate an Iden­tity Safe here that func­tions as a vault for your per­sonal in­for­ma­tion and pass­words.

Back­ing up data off-site is a prac­tice com­monly for­got­ten. With Norton 360, you will be given 25GB of online backup for free. Ad­di­tional stor­age space can be pur­chased at the de­tails screen.

Norton 360 also comes with sys­tem up­keep tools that could im­prove your PC's per­for­mance. Clean­ing up the hard drive of un­needed data, and op­ti­miz­ing it could im­prove its per­for­mance and give you ex­tra space.


Scan­ning the QR code that comes with the In­stall disc with your An­droid or iOS de­vice will take you to the Norton Mo­bile Se­cu­rity page. Here, you can reg­is­ter your copy of the soft­ware, as well as link ad­di­tional de­vices to your ac­count.

You can also down­load the Norton Se­cu­rity an­tivirus app from here. The link pro­vided will take you straight to the app page on the Ap­ple App Store if you are on an iOS de­vice, or Google Play for An­droid de­vices.

Once down­loaded, you will be wel­comed by the User Li­cence Agree­ment screen and high­lights of the Norton app.

When you first launch the app, it is rec­om­mended that you launch the Run LiveUp­date to en­sure you have the lat­est patches for the app. Do note that a se­cu­rity soft­ware is only as good as its last up­date.

At the main screen, you will see the four main op­tions for mo­bile se­cu­rity.


as the name im­plies, scans your de­vice for un­wanted soft­ware.


cou­pled with the Norton Mo­bile Se­cu­rity site, gives you full con­trol of your de­vice re­motely (more on this later).


lets you store and re­trieve your con­tacts on Norton servers, so you will never lose them even in the event of de­vice theft.

Web Pro­tec­tion

pro­tects you from ma­li­cious and fraud­u­lent sites that could steal your in­for­ma­tion.


With Norton 360 Multi-De­vice in­stalled on your por­ta­ble de­vices, you can be as­sured that there is still hope if your de­vice is lost or stolen. Just log on to the Norton Mo­bile Se­cu­rity site and you will have full ac­cess to Norton's anti-theft mea­sures on your reg­is­tered de­vices.

Through Norton Mo­bile Se­cu­rity, you can lock your de­vice and dis­play a cus­tom mes­sage, such as a phone num­ber, so that you can be con­tacted and your de­vice re­turned.

Whether you mis­placed your de­vice or if your de­vice is stolen, Scream will sound an au­di­ble alarm even when the vol­ume is muted.

Norton Mo­bile Se­cu­rity can also lo­cate your de­vice and show you where it was last de­tected. This is ex­tremely use­ful, es­pe­cially if you ac­ci­den­tally left your de­vice in a bus or a taxi.

Sneak Peek lets you re­motely take a pic­ture us­ing your de­vice ev­ery ten min­utes and with luck, ex­poses the iden­tity of the thief and their ex­act lo­ca­tion.

Wor­ried that some­one would rummage through the data on your de­vice? Wipe lets you re­motely erase all data from your de­vice. This process can­not be un­done.

Apps can be down­loaded again and set­tings can be re­con­fig­ured, but con­tacts are dif­fi­cult to re­cover once lost. With Backup, you can set your de­vice to re­motely make a copy of your con­tacts and save it online.

If your de­vice is in an area with spotty cov­er­age, Norton Mo­bile Se­cu­rity com­mands can still be ac­ti­vated via SMS.

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