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We re­view a wide range of tech­ni­cal com­po­nents, from main­boards to graphic cards, from dis­play de­vices to stor­age drives, span­ning a large ar­ray of tech­nol­ogy prod­ucts in the mar­ket. Th­ese are the soft­ware tools we use to test them:

HWM (Malaysia) - - LAB TEST -

PCMark 7, PCMark Van­tage, PCMark05*

Th­ese bench­marks of­fer a suite of tests to judge the per­for­mance of an en­tire sys­tem. This is per­fect for test­ing CPUs, RAM and stor­age de­vices.

3DMark,3Dmark 11, 3DMark Van­tage, Unig­ine’s Heaven 3.0

Th­ese syn­thetic GPU (Graph­ics Pro­cess­ing Unit) bench­marks fo­cus more on stress test­ing the GPU of a graph­ics card. Fea­tures like tes­sel­la­tion and gen­eral DirectX 11 fea­tures are tested here.

DirT 3, Cr­y­sis 3, Bat­man: Arkham City

Th­ese games are used to judge real-world per­for­mance, in ad­di­tion to the syn­thetic GPU bench­marks men­tioned above. As more de­mand­ing games are added to the mar­ket, our list will be up­dated.


Pow­er­mark is the lat­est bench­mark from Fu­ture­mark to test the bat­tery life of note­books and Ul­tra­books.

Please note that the list of soft­ware in each cat­e­gory does not re­flect the ac­tual us­age of all listed, as cer­tain hard­ware may not be ca­pa­ble of run­ning cer­tain bench­marks.

All processors are cooled with stock heat-sink and fan cool­ers, and Cooler Mas­ter NanoFu­sion Supreme Ther­mal Com­pound. To pro­tect all th­ese equip­ment in our test lab­o­ra­tory, we rely on Belkin’s SurgeMaster Pro­tec­tor. Where ap­pli­ca­ble, we use GP Bat­ter­ies to power de­vices for test­ing. We rely on Procare’s e-care clean­ing prod­ucts to main­tain ef­fec­tive­ness of our hard­ware. For test­ing DVD writer drives, we rely on Ima­tion DVD+R 4.5GB (sin­gle-layer) me­dia. To test Blu-ray Disc (BD) writer drives, we use Ver­ba­tim BD-R (4x) and BD-RE (2x) 25GB (sin­gle-layer) me­dia. For con­nect­ing HD de­vices, we use GE Ul­tra Pro HDMI ca­bles, cour­tesy of Al­com Net­works Sdn Bhd. For keep­ing all our test lab note­book screens, mon­i­tors and TVs clean and pro­tected, we use xShine Deluxe for crys­tal clear per­fec­tion. We use the Toshiba Qos­mio F750 0 note­book for all our wire­less routers test­ing, cour­tesy of Tele Dy­nam­ics Sdn Bhd.

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