Saint Seiya: Brave Sol­diers


Knights of the Zo­diac

I ad­mit that Saint Seiya is one of those epic clas­sic anime that was al­ways in my pe­riph­eral, but I have never took the time to watch the anime, read the manga, or learn the premise of the se­ries. So when Saint Seiya: Brave Sol­diers came in, I thought: here’s my chance.

Saint Seiya started as a manga se­ries from 1986 to 1990, and was adapted into TV anime that ran from 1986 to 1989. It tells the story of five mys­ti­cal war­riors known as Saints, who wore sa­cred ar­mor known as Cloths. Each Cloth’s de­sign is based on a con­stel­la­tion and has the abil­ity to em­power its wearer with the en­ergy called Cos­mos.

The Three Arcs

Sim­i­lar to pop­u­lar Naruto and Dragon Ball fight­ing games, Saint Seiya: Brave Sol­diers is jam-packed with fan ser­vice and the main game mode retells the three story arcs – Sanc­tu­ary, Po­sei­don, and Hades – that made up the manga and TV anime se­ries.

The large cast of char­ac­ters – over 50 – is im­pres­sive. Ev­ery char­ac­ter, even their al­ter­nate forms, is varied not only in de­sign, but also in terms of unique moves and fin­ish­ers. It is fun to not only un­lock ev­ery char­ac­ter and their many al­ter­na­tive forms, but also to pull off each and ev­ery one of their fan­tas­tic fin­ish­ers.

Not So Brave

The ac­tual game­play me­chan­ics of Saint Seiya: Brave Sol­diers is sim­plis­tic, re­ly­ing on sim­ple com­bos, two-but­ton power moves, and one-but­ton fin­ish­ers. It is very wel­com­ing to but­ton-mash­ers, but se­ri­ous fight­ing game fans may not find it com­pelling enough.

Fans of the anime will un­doubt­edly love this game, es­pe­cially to see the huge cast of char­ac­ters fight­ing in gor­geous 3D, but new­com­ers may find the bad sto­ry­telling and trans­la­tion a tad con­fus­ing.









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