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Pana­sonic PT-VX415NZ

HWM (Malaysia) - - ANALYSIS - By Chong Jinn Wei

When peo­ple think of pro­jec­tors, most peo­ple would imag­ine bulky prod­ucts that are usu­ally left in a lec­ture hall or con­fer­ence room. This month, we got the chance to re­view Pana­sonic’s PT-VX415NZ, a pro­jec­tor that is able to re­pro­duce ac­cu­rate im­ages within a rea­son­ably por­ta­ble form fac­tor.

Weigh­ing in at ap­prox­i­mately 3.4kg and mea­sur­ing at 352 x 98 x 279.4 mm, the PT-VX415NZ is a lit­tle larger than most por­ta­ble pro­jec­tors in the mar­ket. Tak­ing into ac­count the ca­bles and other com­po­nents, such as the re­mote con­trol, VGA cable, AC Power cord and lens cap, the pro­jec­tor can fit within a suit­ably large car­ry­ing case with ease.

One of the key fea­tures of the PT-VX415NZ is wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity through Mira­cast. This fea­ture al­lows PCs, tablets or even smart­phones to in­stantly mir­ror their con­tent on the pro­jec­tor. This will be use­ful for those who want to present Full HD videos or Pow­erPoint pre­sen­ta­tions that they have stored on their de­vice eas­ily. In ad­di­tion, users can con­nect to the PT-VX415NZ with­out the need for a Wi-Fi net­work.

If there are mul­ti­ple de­vices within the same vicin­ity of the PTVX415NZ, they can be con­nected to the pro­jec­tor si­mul­ta­ne­ously. Thanks to its Multi-Live mode, mul­ti­ple users can share their pre­sen­ta­tions through the PT-VX415NZ at the same time, al­low­ing for highly dy­namic meet­ings.

Be­sides its wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity, the PT-VX415NZ also comes with a wide va­ri­ety of tra­di­tional ports. Th­ese in­clude HDMI, VGA, au­dio and video jacks, among oth­ers. Among the op­tional set­tings that can be con­fig­ured in­clude color, bright­ness, con­trast and vol­ume con­trols.

In terms of pro­jec­tion ca­pa­bil­i­ties, the PT-VX415NZ comes with a high bright­ness rat­ing of up to 4,200 lu­mens. The pro­jec­tor also comes with a high con­trast ra­tio of 4,000:1. Putting th­ese two to­gether al­lows the PT-VX415NZ to pro­duce highly ac­cu­rate col­ors with proper con­trast.

To test the PT-VX415NZ, we put it through our usual dis­play bench­marks. Our Gre­tagMac­beth color chart was used to gauge the ac­cu­racy of the pro­jected col­ors. From our re­sults, the col­ors were quite ac­cu­rate, and were dis­tinct from one another. Another color test that we did was to project a col­or­ful video still from a HD video. The col­ors again looked quite ac­cu­rate, but were slightly darker. Go­ing to our text tests, we found the pro­jec­tor’s text re­pro­duc­tion to be eas­ily read­able with­out any signs of no­tice­able bleed­ing.

Fol­low­ing that, we pro­ceeded to run our HD video test and found min­i­mal ghost­ing, even dur­ing in­tense se­quences. We also noted the au­dio that was play­ing from the PT-VX415NZ’s built-in speak­ers. Al­though the speak­ers will not make an au­dio­phile’s head turn, they are still suit­able for gen­eral lis­ten­ing.

While the PT-VX415NZ is slightly larger than most por­ta­ble pro­jec­tors, it more than makes up for this through its great pro­jec­tion and wire­less ca­pa­bil­i­ties. If you are look­ing for a rea­son­able por­ta­ble pro­jec­tor with great color ac­cu­racy and min­i­mal text bleed­ing, then the PT-VX415 has just about ev­ery­thing you need.


Panel Size: 16mm Pix­els: 786,432 (1024 x 768) x 3, to­tal of 2,359,296 pix­els

Lens: 1.6x man­ual zoom (throw ra­tio: 1.2-1.9:1), man­ual fo­cus, F 1.6-2.12, f 15.3-24.64mm

Lamp Re­place­ment Cy­cle: Nor­mal 4,000 /Eco1 5,000 /Eco2 6,000 hours

Screen Size: 0.76-7.62 m, 4:3 as­pect ra­tio Con­trast: 4,000:1

Res­o­lu­tion: 1,024 x 768

Op­ti­cal Axis Shift: 9:1 (fixed)

Power Sup­ply: 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60Hz Weight: 3.4kg (ap­prox.)

Di­men­sion: 352 x 98 x 279.4 mm (ap­prox.)

Con­tact: Pana­sonic Cus­tomer Care Cen­tre

Tele­phone: (03) 7953 7600 URL: www.pana­sonic.com.my

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