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SOLE­MATE. SOLE­MATE Max. SOLE­MATE Mini. These are the cur­rent and lat­est range of por­ta­ble speak­ers cre­ated by Jabra. They’re hip, they’re por­ta­ble, they’re durable, and most im­por­tant of all, they’re loud. This month, we get a chance to carry and play around with the SOLE­MATE Mini.

A few is­sues back, we had the SOLE­MATE Max in our of­fice and dur­ing its test­ing pe­riod, we found that it ac­tu­ally wasn’t too bad. Mind you, there were cer­tain notes and au­dio ranges in which it be­gan show­ing its weak­ness, but then again, a por­ta­ble speaker isn’t ex­actly a bonafide home the­ater en­ter­tain­ment sys­tem. But to our sur­prise, the SOLE­MATE Mini proved us wrong on more than one oc­ca­sion, and to quote a phrase from one movie: “I’m not even mad. That’s amaz­ing.”

We’ve talked about the over­all de­sign of the SOLE­MATE range of por­ta­ble speak­ers be­fore, and our opin­ion of it hasn’t changed: it’s sim­ple, easy to han­dle and a joy to use. But the one thing we never men­tioned about the SOLE­MATE line was just how rugged these things are. That same rugged­ness ex­tended it­self into the SOLE­MATE Mini. We ac­tu­ally tested it out by drop­ping it from a floor above and even throw­ing it down to the ground forcibly. The end re­sult? We merely had to dust off the speaker and it continues to func­tion like nor­mal. Be­yond that, there weren’t even any signs that it had been through the or­deal.

As we men­tioned ear­lier, the SOLE­MATE Mini is loud. Dur­ing our tests, we brought it around to see just how well it would stand out, both in a quiet area as well as a noisy area. In an iso­lated area, the SOLE­MATE Mini per­formed as we ex­pected it to. But what’s sur­pris­ing was how au­di­ble it was in a crowded and rel­a­tively noisy area. When we tested it out at a nearby eatery, the por­ta­ble speaker didn’t lose its vol­ume, so much so that we were ac­tu­ally asked to turn it down.

In terms of au­dio qual­ity, the SOLE­MATE Mini is, very sim­ply put, re­ally good. To test out the speak­ers, we played a list of our songs, which cov­ers ev­ery­thing from the low pitch to the high pitch fre­quen­cies. Songs with high pitches, such as clas­si­cal pieces from Luigi Boc­cherini were pitch per­fect, with no signs of break­ing at all. Songs with medium pitches, such as Joni Mitchell and Led Zep­pelin, sounded re­ally clear too, and sound place­ment for the SOLE­MATE Mini was sur­pris­ingly ac­cu­rate. The bass was pow­er­ful, but we no­ticed a slight dis­tor­tion start to seep into the mu­sic when­ever the vol­ume went past a cer­tain point.

There are many forms of por­ta­ble speak­ers that are avail­able on the mar­ket, but be­lieve us when we tell you that the SOLE­MATE Mini is not just any or­di­nary por­ta­ble speaker. In our opin­ion, it’s one of the best, easy-to-han­dle por­ta­ble speak­ers that we’ve ever car­ried around, and to not even con­sider it would be crim­i­nal.

SPEC­I­FI­CA­TIONS SPEAK­ERS HiFi speak­ers, 40mm x 25mm Ohm // CON­NEC­TIV­ITy Blue­tooth 3.0, NFC, 1x 3.5mm in/out //

DI­MEN­SIONS 53 x 60.5 x 126mm (W x H x D) // WEIGHT 330g // BAT­TERy LIFE 8 hours talk time, 90 days standby // WAR­RANTy 2-years (2nd year war­ranty sign-up) // CON­TACT Mo­bile Dot Com Net­work Sdn Bhd // TELE­PHONE (03) 6257 0925 URL

In­put fea­tures on the right, NFC on the left.

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