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With the pric­etag of the Om­niFo­cus app, you would think it would make you cof­fee, sing you arias to sleep and re­dec­o­rate your house for you. But scary pric­etag aside, Om­nifo­cus for iPad has even been called su­pe­rior to the desk­top ver­sion (which costs US$99.99 just so you should know).

The app is pretty much a GTD fol­lower’s wet dream. It is in­cred­i­bly pol­ished and was cre­ated with the GTD method­ol­ogy in mind. Like LifeTopix, Om­nifo­cus helps you cre­ate a dump­ing pad for all your items or what GTD users call the ‘in­box’.

From the in­box you then de­cide whether the items need to be sorted out into projects, to be as­signed spe­cific con­tacts, or high­lighted for spe­cial em­pha­sis. The app has dif­fer­ent ‘views’ or win­dows where you can see your items sorted by project, con­text or have a broad over­view of what is due for the week with its Fore­cast view. Es­pe­cially use­ful for GTD users is the Re­view screen. Re­view is an im­por­tant part of the GTD method­ol­ogy. A weekly re­view helps check if ev­ery­thing is in


or­der, re­tool­ing pri­or­i­ties, check­ing up on project sta­tuses and mov­ing items from ‘some­day/maybe’ to ‘do it right now or your mother-in-law will mur­der you’. As far as sync­ing goes, what might irk some people is that the app does not ex­actly play nice with oth­ers. Omni has its own sync server called the, wait for it, Omni Sync Server that is free of charge. You can also sync it to the desk­top ver­sion via Wi-Fi or cre­ate cus­tom sync set­tings with the We­bDAV pro­to­col. So if you’re hop­ing for Drop­box in­te­gra­tion, tough luck.

You can send sync set­tings via email, al­low­ing you to just open a mes­sage and tap it to start sync­ing. Om­niFo­cus, like LifeTopix is Mac­cen­tric so no PC client for you! While Om­niFo­cus is ad­mit­tedly very shiny and pol­ished, the US$39.99 seems a bit steep to pay es­pe­cially con­sid­er­ing LifeTopix in com­par­i­son only costs US$4.99 and the pop­u­lar Ever­note is free.

But if you’re al­ready us­ing the Om­niFo­cus app on Mac or are a diehard GTD fol­lower, there are few apps that do GTD bet­ter. Omni also has a trea­sure trove of help­ful white pa­pers and tu­to­ri­als to help you get started with the GTD ‘way’.

Min­i­mal­ist yet in­cred­i­bly func­tional, pol­ished with­out be­ing overwhelming, Om­nifo­cus is a classy but pricey op­tion for get­ting your life sorted.

Very slick UI and de­sign but Om­nifo­cus’ pric­ing is mur­der on the wal­let.

A fine stand­alone app with­out the need to buy the desk­top ver­sion.

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