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At HWM Malaysia, we place strong em­pha­sis on how we test prod­ucts that are de­liv­ered to us, while main­tain­ing a con­sumer­level of un­der­stand­ing by not be­ing over-tech­ni­cal in our re­views. To bal­ance a tech­ni­cal anal­y­sis yet easy-to-un­der­stand sum­mary is para­mount to what we do. We use a com­bi­na­tion of in­dus­try-stan­dard bench­mark­ing soft­ware tools, as well as real-life us­age sce­nar­ios, depend­ing on the prod­uct be­ing tested. We place more com­pre­hen­sive tests on com­put­ing-based prod­ucts in the Com­put­ers seg­ment of this Lab-Test sec­tion, since they are highly-tech­ni­cal com­po­nents that need keen an­a­lyz­ing pro­ce­dures to pro­cure an ac­cu­rate and re­li­able re­sult to base our com­ments on them.

In the CE seg­ment, less em­pha­sis is placed on the tech­ni­cal as­pects, but more im­por­tance is placed on the us­abil­ity and fea­tures, high­lights which are cru­cial to the tar­get mar­ket of this area. CE prod­ucts are re­viewed from the con­sumer point of view, and take into ac­count the han­dling of the prod­uct in your daily life needs.

Our Test Lab at HWM Malaysia

A ma­jor­ity of prod­uct test­ing is done in our two-storey lab. To keep things or­derly, we’ve di­vided the lab into sev­eral ar­eas where we test spe­cific prod­ucts. The first floor is where we take our prod­uct snap­shots, com­pile prod­ucts that are due for a re­view, and test the many tele­vi­sions and home the­ater sys­tems that come in. There’s also a rig set up specif­i­cally to test print­ers.

On the sec­ond floor, you’ll find our video edit­ing rig, where we edit our videos for Hard­ware­Zone TV, be­fore they’re up­loaded. You’ll also find our testbeds here, where we test all of the com­po­nents that come in.

We use a com­bi­na­tion of hard­ware com­po­nents to test other com­po­nents, and some of these com­po­nents also make up our Ref­er­ence Test Sys­tem, which is an on-go­ing com­puter plat­form that changes as the in­dus­try evolves.

Our In­tel Pro­ces­sor

To test In­tel-based moth­er­boards, we are cur­rently us­ing an LGA (Land Grid Ar­ray) 1150 In­tel Core i7-4770K (co­de­named Haswell). It is a quad-core pro­ces­sor clocked at 3.5GHz, has a max turbo fre­quency of 3.9GHz, sup­ports dual-chan­nel mem­ory, and has a max TDP (Ther­mal De­sign Power) of 84W.

Our AMD Pro­ces­sor

When it comes to test­ing AMD moth­er­boards, we use an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edi­tion pro­ces­sor (co­de­named Thuban). This pro­ces­sor fea­tures six cores and is clocked at 3.2GHz, has a max turbo fre­quency of 3.6GHz, and has 6MB worth of L3 cache.

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