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The Curved UHD TV is ob­vi­ously one of the high­lights of the event, as we pretty much saw out­side the hall­way. It goes to show that even af­ter the fum­ble done by film di­rec­tor Michael Bay dur­ing CES 2014, Sam­sung’s will­ing to for­give and for­get and leave that lit­tle in­ci­dent to its an­nals of his­tory.

As a lit­tle bit of his­tory: be­fore the com­pany em­barked into the world of the smart­phone and tablets, the tele­vi­sion di­vi­sion was one of the com­pany’s chief sources of over­all in­come. Years later and the com­pany is al­ready mak­ing ad­vance­ments in home en­ter­tain­ment tech­nol­ogy and even bring­ing 4K (an­other way of ad­dress­ing the term UHD) dis­plays to the home.

On stage, Andrew showed off one of Sam­sung’s new U9000 Se­ries Curved UHD TV. Pre­mier­ing back at the be­gin­ning of the year dur­ing CES 2014, these new UHD TVs, of course, come in all sorts of sizes. The one we saw on stage mea­sured in at 78-inch. Fur­ther, Andrew an­nounced that Sam­sung will make avail­able three dif­fer­ent sizes for the South­east Asian re­gion: 78-inch, 65-inch and 55-inch.

It was at this point, we ac­tu­ally won­dered if Sam­sung would’ve made a curved UHD TV big­ger than 78-inch. The an­swer was a re­sound­ing yes, as we soon saw the mon­strous 105-inch Curved UHD TV in­side the hall­way at our ex­hi­bi­tion. Some­thing to note: while this may be the big­gest curved UHD TV that Sam­sung has con­structed, it is not the big­gest curved UHD TV in the world to have been con­structed. That ti­tle, in­ter­est­ingly enough, be­longs to an­other com­pany for now.

A 110-inch UHD TV with Sam­sung’s Time­less De­sign.

Andrew Woon, Di­rec­tor, TV and AV, Sam­sung’s South­east Asia and Ocea­nia.

The new U9000 Curved UHD TV Se­ries.

This is the largest curved UHD TV from Sam­sung.

Desk­top mon­i­tors were given the UHD treat­ment as well

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