Hand­writ­ten Dig­i­tal Notes with Jot Script

When in­spi­ra­tion comes, noth­ing beats grab­bing a pen and paper, and putting thoughts into words. Nei­ther a phys­i­cal key­board nor a touch­screen key­board with fancy pre­dic­tive tech­nol­ogy could hold against the tac­tile and fluid flow of ink on note­book. But



1 The Jot Script is easy to set up. First, re­move the plas­tic spacer within the Jot Script and turn it on by press­ing the but­ton on the sty­lus. The green LED will blink, show­ing that it is ready to sync. Next, en­sure that Blue­tooth on your iOS de­vice is turned on. 2 Cou­pled with the Penul­ti­mate app, which is pow­ered by Ever­note, Jot Script be­comes a very pow­er­ful tool. To sync the sty­lus with the app, sim­ply go into the app’s ‘Gen­eral Set­tings’, choose ‘Jot Script Ever­note Sty­lus Setup’, and fol­low the on-screen in­struc­tions. 3 Now that both the app and the sty­lus have been paired, you can be­gin us­ing it to take notes. The app will now reg­is­ter in­puts us­ing the Jot Script on the page, and not your fin­gers. Open a new note­book by tap­ping the plus sign at the lower left side of the Penul­ti­mate home screen.


4 Choose from a va­ri­ety of paper styles avail­able, ei­ther pre-in­stalled or the se­lec­tion of free and pre­mium paper styles avail­able in The Paper Shop. Use col­ors to brighten up your notes, mak­ing them more in­ter­est­ing and eas­ier to un­der­stand. 5 Penul­ti­mate’s Drift fea­ture lets you take notes while zoomed in on a page. It au­to­mat­i­cally moves the screen, depend­ing on the speed of your hand­writ­ing. Pow­ered by Ever­note, you can search your hand­writ­ten notes on your de­vice, or stored on Ever­note. 6 An­other pow­er­ful tool at your dis­posal is cut and paste. Sim­ply se­lect the cut and paste icon, then the area you want to cut by draw­ing around it with your sty­lus, and you can drag it to any new po­si­tion, or even paste it onto an­other page.


7 To en­sure best per­for­mance, turn off Mul­ti­task­ing Ges­tures on your iOS de­vice when us­ing the Jot Script as it could in­ter­fere with your ex­pe­ri­ence. If the app reg­is­ters your palm or fin­gers as an in­put, make sure that Blue­tooth is turned on, the bat­tery in the sty­lus is good, and both the app and sty­lus are synced. 8 The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less with Jot Script. You can take notes or draw to your heart’s con­tent. It is in­tu­itive, easy to use, and will be an in­dis­pens­able tool in your ev­ery­day tasks.

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