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The abil­ity to cap­ture doc­u­ment from print to dig­i­tal form is a use­ful fea­ture that most mo­bile de­vel­op­ers ig­nore. Printed documents may never go away en­tirely. How­ever, there have been too few por­ta­ble de­vices that let you turn phys­i­cal documents into dig­i­tal ones. Most of us, in a pinch, turn to tak­ing pho­to­graphs of documents to make a copy. En­ter the Mag­icS­can Pro, a por­ta­ble scan­ner that lets you turn phys­i­cal prints into dig­i­tal copies any­where you go.

The Mag­icS­can Pro (also known as Mag­icS­can T4E) por­ta­ble scan­ner fea­tures the abil­ity to turn any doc­u­ment, pic­ture, or print me­dia that is up to 217mm in width into a dig­i­tal JPEG or PDF file with a sin­gle steady swipe.

Out of the box, the T4E comes with a USB ca­ble, a stor­age pouch, three AAA bat­ter­ies, and a soft­ware CD. How­ever, a mi­croSD card is re­quired to func­tion. Once loaded with stor­age and bat­ter­ies, the T4E func­tions as a stand­alone scan­ner, sav­ing scanned documents di­rectly to the mi­croSD card, or con­nected to a PC or por­ta­ble de­vice.

We found that the scan­ner is easy to use, es­pe­cially when not con­nected to any de­vices, as the USB ca­ble can some­times get in the way, and we did not have to fid­dle with the soft­ware to get a good scan. Its 1.4-inch dis­play helps with pre­view and nav­i­ga­tion. Al­though the in­ter­face is some­what ba­sic, it is ad­e­quate and not bloated with un­war­ranted fea­tures.

To scan, en­sure the scan­ner is set to the file for­mat and res­o­lu­tion de­sired, which can go up to 900 DPI. Then, po­si­tion the scan­ner at the top of the doc­u­ment, press the scan but­ton and drag the scan­ner across the doc­u­ment. Press the scan but­ton again once you have reached the end of the doc­u­ment. In our test, scan­ning a flat doc­u­ment on a wide flat sur­face works best. The T4E can also scan books, but an un­even sur­face may re­sult in tear­ing or blurred scans.

The re­sult­ing scan tends to be ap­pear a lit­tle bright for pho­to­graphs, but is very good for stan­dard documents where there is black text on white back­ground. On some rare in­stances, we no­ticed scan­ning lines, which does not make the T4E a good photo scan­ner, but it would suf­fice in a pinch and a lit­tle post pro­cess­ing goes a long way.

Con­nected to a mo­bile de­vice via OTG USB ca­ble, the T4E does not re­quire spe­cial soft­ware and func­tions as a mi­croSD card reader. There is no real ad­van­tage of hav­ing it teth­ered to a por­ta­ble de­vice while scan­ning. But when con­nected to a PC, the hand­held scan­ner op­er­ates with­out bat­ter­ies or mi­croSD card.

The Mag­icS­can T4E por­ta­ble scan­ner caters to those who are al­ways on the go, as well as those who of­ten find them­selves in need of a way to scan and make dig­i­tal copies of documents. A sales­per­son or sales agent, for ex­am­ple, could scan a client’s per­sonal doc­u­ment or a com­pleted form, then keep a dig­i­tal copy and even email a copy to the client.

The con­trols on the Mag­icS­can are clus­tered to­gether, mak­ing it easy to use.

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