Jabra An­nounced New Busi­ness So­lu­tions

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Last month, Jabra launched three new of­fice pro­duc­tiv­ity so­lu­tions for the Malaysian cor­po­rate world: the Jabra BIZ 2300, the Jabra PRO 900 se­ries, and the Jabra MO­TION OF­FICE Blue­tooth head­set.

The Jabra BIZ 2300 is a head­phone and mi­cro­phone com­bi­na­tion de­signed for call cen­ter agents that need to han­dle daily calls from their cus­tomer hot­line. It fea­tures bet­ter noise can­cel­la­tion and is much lighter com­pared to its com­pe­ti­tion. It’s also easy to roll out and keep up­dated.

Next up, the Jabra PRO 900 se­ries are a set of Blue­tooth earphones that are de­signed for work­ers who need to mul­ti­task. They were cre­ated from a re­cent sur­vey, which stated that al­most 75 per­cent of all of­fice work­ers catch the ma­jor­ity of their calls wire­lessly.

The third prod­uct was the Jabra MO­TION OF­FICE Blue­tooth head­set. This de­vice was cre­ated specif­i­cally as a so­lu­tion for knowl­edge work­ers, re­mote teams and em­ploy­ees shar­ing an of­fice workspace. It al­lows for work­ers to seam­lessly con­nect from us­ing the de­vice as wire­less head­set for the car, to con­nect­ing di­rectly to the de­vice’s cor­re­spond­ing desk­phone.

“Us­ing the lat­est mo­tion sen­sor tech­nol­ogy, the head­set adapts vol­ume to fit the chang­ing sound en­vi­ron­ment,” said Ben Sam­man, Direc­tor, Chan­nels and Al­liances, of Jabra Busi­ness So­lu­tions (Asia Pa­cific). “And with triple con­nec­tiv­ity for both mo­bile, soft­phones or desk­phones, it al­lows the user to move from the of­fice to the open road in one smooth tran­si­tion, con­nect­ing to all your phones with one head­set, and trans­fer­ring calls be­tween phones as you head out the door.”

The Jabra MO­TION OF­FICE Blue­tooth Head­set, de­signed to go from your car to your of­fice.

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