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It’s known that SSDs pro­vide faster read/write speeds while HDDs pro­vide more stor­age space. Thank­fully, there’s also a hy­brid so­lu­tion that pro­vides the stor­age space of a HDD, with the read/write speeds of an SSD. Meet Sea­gate’s Solid State Hy­brid Drive (SSHD), a so­lu­tion that com­bines the best of both worlds.


The Sea­gate SSHD is avail­able for both desk­tops ops and note­books. As thin as 5mm, these SSHDs are avail­able in ca­pac­i­ties off 500GB and 1TB. These so­lu­tionss pro­vide av­er­age read and write speeds of un­der 12ms and un­derr 14ms re­spec­tively. Apart from that, this SSHD is equipped with Sea­gate’s Adap­tive Mem­ory tech­nol­ogy, which iden­ti­fies the most fre­quently used data in a sys­tem and puts them into the NAND flash mem­ory. This trans­lates into faster boot times, faster pro­gram load­ing, and over­all faster per for­mance. No longer will your stor­age hold you back, nei­ther in ca­pac­ity nor speed.

Key Spec­i­fi­ca­tions

• 1TB and 500GB ca­pac­i­ties

• Up to 4x faster than a tra­di­tional 5400RPM HDD

• Avail­able in 9.5mm, 7mm and 5mm form fac­tors

• Sea­gate Adap­tive Mem­ory tech­nol­ogy


To max­i­mize the per­for­mance of a drive, Sea­gate SSHDs uses the com­pany’s Adap­tive Mem­ory tech­nol­ogy. It iden­ti­fies and takes the most fre­quently used data in a user’s com­puter and stores in the faster solid-state NAND flash mem­ory. With the OS boot data and other fre­quently used pro­gram data stored in this lo­ca­tion, speeds are en­hanced above and be­yond nor­mal HDD per­for­mance.

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