Un­der­stand­ing the con­nec­tiv­ity fea­tures of the Apo­top Wi-Copy

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Apart from our mo­bile de­vices, the only other gad­get that is al­ways by our side is none other than the hum­ble power bank. But, don’t you wish your power bank can do more than bring back your de­vices from the brink of bat­tery death? Here, we take a closer look at Apo­top Wi-Copy, which in­cludes a recharge­able 5,200mAh bat­tery, and how to make full use of the all-in-one de­vice.


The first step in un­lock­ing the full po­ten­tial of the Apo­top Wi-Copy is to down­load the app for your mo­bile de­vice. The app, called Wi-Copy, is avail­able to down­load from the Ap­ple App Store and Google Play at no charge.

Once in­stalled, the app will make ac­cess­ing the Wi-Copy’s fea­tures a snap.


The main fea­ture of the Wi-Copy is its abil­ity to trans­fer files be­tween a SD card or a USB stor­age de­vice to a mo­bile de­vice wire­lessly us­ing Wi-Fi at speeds of up to 10MB/s. To do this, con­nect the phone to Wi-Copy via Wi-Fi and use the app’s in­ter­face to copy files to and from your por­ta­ble de­vice.


The Wi-Copy can also dou­ble as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Just con­nect the de­vice to a wired net­work via an RJ45 ca­ble. Apo­top WiCopy’s Wi-Fi set­tings can be con­fig­ured by con­nect­ing to it via Wi-Fi and typ­ing ‘’ into the web browser. In the set­tings are also op­tions to turn it into a Wi-Fi re­peater.

You can also up­load files from your de­vice to the stor­age on the Wi-Copy here.

Cus­tom­ize the Wi-Copy’s Wi-Fi set­tings for added se­cu­rity.

There are also set­tings for the Wi-Copy’s re­peater func­tion.

Choose the files you want to copy and se­lect the ‘copy to de­vice’ op­tion.

Once con­nected to the de­vice via Wi-Fi, it’s time to launch the app.

The Wi-Fi set­tings are lo­cated here.

Down­load and in­stall the Wi-Copy app.

Se­lect the source of the file here.

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