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What do you use Par­al­lels for your­self?

I mostly use it for Excel. I’ve spent a lot of hours in front of Excel, and I’m so fa­mil­iar with ev­ery­thing that comes with the full Win­dows ver­sion of Excel that even though there is a ver­sion avail­able on Mac OS X, I’m not go­ing to set­tle for that. If you’re used to work­ing with the Win­dows ver­sion of Excel, or any other Of­fice ap­pli­ca­tion, it’s go­ing to be hard for you to make the tran­si­tion to Mac OS X. I could see my­self do­ing a lot of work on Word or Out­look for Mac, but Excel is re­ally dif­fer­ent.

More peo­ple are cer­tainly us­ing Macs to­day than ever be­fore, and they’re bring­ing their Macs into the of­fice.

There are many com­pa­nies that de­velop a lot of apps specif­i­cally for Win­dows, that spend a lot of their IT bud­get for those ap­pli­ca­tions, and they’re not go­ing to re­write the apps for Mac OS.

To­day, peo­ple are com­ing in with Macs, iPads, even Chrome­books to work. It’s not like five years ago, where most of your em­ploy­ees were run­ning Win­dows. Peo­ple are bring­ing their own de­vices, and very of­ten [those de­vices] aren’t run­ning Win­dows, so com­pa­nies need to pro­vide them with a bet­ter way to work.

IT man­agers can’t dic­tate the way peo­ple work any­more; they need to find a so­lu­tion. Some peo­ple use more than one ma­chine, their own and the of­fice’s. But if you think of the con­cept of two ma­chines – one where you only do a cou­ple of things, and your own ma­chine where you do 98% of the things in your day, it’s such a waste. An IT man­ager could, for less than the cost of a ma­chine, get a so­lu­tion for you to do ev­ery­thing on your own. So Par­al­lels would be good for the com­pany and it would be good for you.

And it’s hap­pen­ing. We were a con­sumer prod­uct only un­til three years ago. And it was be­cause Ap­ple was sell­ing mostly to con­sumers. In the last two years, our of­fer­ing to busi­nesses has grown much faster than the rest of our busi­ness. Peo­ple are now bring­ing their Macs to work and want­ing it to be­come their work de­vices. Tablets are even big­ger. Peo­ple are bring­ing their tablets to work and they can do ba­sic work on them. With Par­al­lels, com­pa­nies can now give them a way to con­tinue work­ing on Win­dows ap­pli­ca­tions with­out hav­ing to give them a com­pany is­sued lap­top. It saves money on both sides.

Why use Par­al­lels since Macs can use Boot Camp to boot into Win­dows?

You can do Boot Camp. It re­ally de­pends on what your work is like, if you do ev­ery­thing on your Mac, then once a week you have to fill in your timesheet and that’s the only time you need to use Win­dows, you can take the five min­utes it takes to re­boot into the two sys­tems. And it’s no big deal. But if it’s a num­ber of apps that you use ev­ery day on both sides, then those few min­utes start adding up quickly. At the end of the day, it’s about con­ve­nience. Another thing is that if you’re run­ning Boot Camp, you’re par­ti­tion­ing your com­puter into two and wast­ing re­sources at a cer­tain point.

Tablets have grown to take over the mar­ket. How has that im­pacted Par­al­lels?

It has def­i­nitely af­fected Par­al­lels in one way: We thought of our­selves as a way for you to work across cer­tain bound­aries, in that case it was the lap­top or PC. We took this same con­cept to mo­bile de­vices and came up with the new app called Par­al­lels Ac­cess, which al­lows you to run the apps that you have on your desk­top from your tablet.

Let’s talk about Excel again, I can come here and launch Excel us­ing my iPad. It runs on my re­mote com­puter that I’m go­ing to con­nect to, and it’s full Excel. It’s not a scaled-down ver­sion of Excel and ev­ery­thing that I have on my re­mote ma­chine; I can run it on my iPad and also on my An­droid de­vice. If you have a tablet, and you want to run from that tablet any ap­pli­ca­tion you have on your re­mote ma­chine, you can do it with Par­al­lels Ac­cess.

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