Ar­magged­don Kalash­nikov AK-770i

HWM (Malaysia) - - TEST - by BryanChan

to­day, me­chan­i­cal key­boards are all the rage, but us­ing one in the of­fice or for gam­ing may not be a wise choice at times, es­pe­cially if you're work­ing with many peo­ple in close vicin­ity. While the tac­tile feed­back is fun, the noise pro­duced by me­chan­i­cal switches can be an­noy­ing. this is where key­boards like the ar­magged­don Kalash­nikov aK770i come in handy.

the aK-770i is a key­board that of­fers ex­tremely silent typ­ing, thanks to the use of silent mem­brane switches. In terms of fea­tures, it of­fers a num­ber of mul­ti­me­dia keys that can be used in con­junc­tion with the func­tion key. apart from that, there are an ad­di­tional six func­tion keys that per­form dif­fer­ent tasks, on the fly.

the first but­ton locks all the keys on the key­board, which could be a very use­ful but­ton, for rea­sons that are yet un­known to us. the other is a Win­dows lock key, which un­der­stand­ably pre­vents you from ac­ci­den­tally press­ing the start but­ton while gam­ing. Next is the key that in­creases or de­creases the re­sponse rate of the key­board, which is great when you're in a game with in­tense ac­tion se­quences. there's also a but­ton that swaps that WasD but­tons with the ar­rows keys, mak­ing it easy if you're a leftie. the other two keys let you con­trol the back­light­ing sys­tem on this key­board.

When it comes to de­sign and over­all us­age, we're happy to re­port that this key­board is very com­fort­able to use. the keys are a lit­tle bit close to­gether, re­quir­ing some get­ting used to, but they re­quire very lit­tle ac­tu­a­tion force to de­press, so it's all good. there's also a gen­er­ously sized han­drest that keeps your wrists com­fort­able even af­ter ex­tended pe­ri­ods of us­ing this key­board.

We loaded some typ­ing games to see how it han­dles fast typ­ing and found that it's rather easy to type quickly with this key­board, as you don't have to de­press the keys much for them to reg­is­ter. We're very happy with how this key­board per­forms. How­ever, not hav­ing ded­i­cated macro keys does put a dent in its over­all ap­peal. With­out macro keys, hard­core gamers may be more in­ter­ested in the slightly pricier NightHawk KaI-9.

all said and done, the ar­magged­don Kalash­nikov aK-770i is a de­cent key­board that is great for its ask­ing price – RM89. It's sim­ple and very well put to­gether, mak­ing it a key­board that's we'd rec­om­mend to ca­sual gamers who are on a tight bud­get.

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