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Be­fore we be­gin with the bench­marks and our test­ing method­ol­ogy, below are the bare­bone de­tails of the new Core i7-4790K pro­ces­sor:

• 4.00GHz base fre­quency (up to 4.40GHz turbo fre­quency)

• Un­locked core ra­tio mul­ti­plier

• In­tel Turbo Boost Tech­nol­ogy 2.0

• In­tel Hy­per-Thread­ing Tech­nol­ogy

• 4 cores, 8 threads

• 8MB In­tel Smart Cache

• Dual-chan­nel DDR3 1600MHz na­tive mem­ory sup­port

• 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes

• In­tel HD 4600 GPU (Iris Pro)

• 88W TDP

• LGA 1150 socket

One of the things we should make clear about the Core i7-4790K CPU is that un­like the pro­ces­sors we’ve tested in the past, it’s not an ex­treme pro­ces­sor (see our Oc­to­ber and De­cem­ber 2013 is­sues for our Lab Ex­ams on In­tel’s Ivy Bridge-E CPU and AMD’s FX9590 Black Edi­tion pro­ces­sor). How­ever, do note of the fact that it has an in­te­grated GPU in the form of In­tel’s Iris Pro in­te­grated graph­ics. That be­ing said, we still used an ex­ter­nal graph­ics source to aid in our bench­marks.

As men­tioned ear­lier, this is an un­locked pro­ces­sor, which in­her­ently means that the CPU was de­signed to be over­clocked and pushed to the bleed­ing edge of the high per­for­mance line. With a base clock of 4GHz, it’s al­ready at­tained the sta­tus of be­ing the only in­te­grated CPU on the mar­ket to ac­tu­ally boast clock speeds which ri­vals its com­peti­tor’s own CPU-only pro­ces­sors.

As we also men­tioned be­fore, In­tel said that its new and im­proved CPU could be pushed to a speed of 4.4GHz with its turbo mul­ti­pli­ers, and that was as high as it would go. We beg to dif­fer: you see, how much you can over­clock a CPU and how far you can push it is solely de­pen­dent on the cool­ing op­tion (e.g. the CPU cooler) you choose. Be­fore you ask: no, we didn’t have a proper wa­ter cooler or wa­ter block on hand. How­ever, we did have a very pow­er­ful fan-based Va­por-X cooler from Sap­phire. We man­aged to over­clock and push the Core i74790K’s clock speed all the way up to 4.7GHz be­fore the cooler started to show its lim­i­ta­tion in keep­ing the CPU cool enough to func­tion.

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